EDM Bros, EDM Butts, And A Fire Breathing Dragon: Lit Things From Ever After Music Festival

belFun fact: (yeah I’m gonna go ahead and start this off with a fun fact) Kitchener Ontario was  the first municipality in Canada to introduce the blue box recycling system (BBRS) in 1983.

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With 2 years on their belt Ever After Festival took over Kitchener, Ontario again this past weekend so let’s talk about some of the cool sh*t that went down:


BASS FOR DAYS that includes Exision, Zedd’s Dead,  French Montana, Bass Nectar, Eptic, and NGHTMARE (who’s brother was rumored to be in attendance and took a few photos with fans) just to to name a few. I was pleased to see DJs I remember waiting in line to see as a teen hit a main stage in my adult life.Image result for french montana


Save your mocking, the vibe was great. I was expecting a far more aggressive vibe given the general fan base (bros, I see you.) of the genres lined up. Your vibe attracts your tribe maaaannnnnnnnn and this was a spot filled with happy people who just wanted to dance and eat pizza cones. These are my kind of people.


Yo gurl LOVES the Tilt-A-Whirl, and there are at least 2 South African carnies from the CNE who can vouch for that. I’m also certain that a ferris wheel at a music festival is a staple attraction.


After making it’s debut at Hyperborea in May, Heavy Meta brought all the sound,fire,and attractive humans you could ask for.  “This should be the main stage” said a festival attendee. I concur that French Montana should have had his set from a dragon, we all thought it I just had  the guts to type it ya know?

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Sisqo could have made a comeback this weekend because the most popular item of clothing at Ever After Festival seemed to be thongs. Seriously. BOOTY EVERYWHERE. Pants, skirts, and shorts skipped entirely. This is of course not a new trend at EDM festivals but it was certainly the male romper of Ever After.


Ever play 3D inflatable Twister? Yeah I sure had not either until this past weekend. Luckily Chad (which is the fictional name of the gentleman running that game) as able to toss out some directions sans spin board. Harmless activities such as these are great for festivals, they keep attendees engaged and provide them with ample Instagram content. Isn’t that what life is all about?


Giant inflatable mushrooms, seats, and relaxation areas; if those were somehow not enough there was also an oxygen bar on site.

Did you hit up Ever After Festival? Did I miss something cool? I am obviously bias in believing the dragon was the coolest thing there. Let me know in the comment section below or yell it at the me the next time you see me. Super special thank you to Simon Plashkes for the pictures for this post.



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