4 Reasons To Hate Reality TV’s Paulie Calafiore

There are not many times I like to advertise that I can be petty, or mean much like the Forever Petty crew I stick to my group chats. Fortunately, I do not know Big Brother loser and The Challenge redemption house favourite Paulie Calafiore so I don’t have to worry about this post causing a. riff between us. But if this causes a Twitter beef like Elijah Daniel and K.J Apa I’m okay with that too because the fandom for Paulie is basically just Cara Marie at this point right? I told you, petty. Anyway in honour of the new season of The Challenge hitting MTV this week here are 5 reasons (even though there are so many more) to hate Paulie:

1. His drama with Cara Marie and Danielle

Paulie and Cara Marie met on Paulie’s first season of The Challenge when Cara attempted to use him to make Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie jealous. Despite Paulie having a girlfriend he entertained the flirting and eventually entered into a relationship with Cara. Back in December (which I’m happy to say was 2 months ago) it was revealed that Calafiore was still texting Bachelor alumni and ex-girlfriend Danielle Maltby. The women teamed up to expose Paulie, and here we are now with Paulie and Cara being back together…

photos courtesy of CBS & MTV

2. His confidence after a singular season of The Challenge and Big Brother

After ONE season of The Challenge, he thinks he’s a top player. I’m not sure how the other competitors could hear him all the way from his lengthy stays in the redemption house but they did. MTV for some reason had him do commentary for the prospects of the new season of The Challenge and I have no idea why.

Image result for paulie big brother
photo courtesy of mic.com

3. My mom hates him

My mom is a lovely woman who looks like me if I was still a brunette and a little bit of a raisin with a natural tan. My point being shes the f*cking best and a real badass. So if she doesn’t like you, you’re pretty GAHBAGE. She’s hated him since his season of Big Brother (of which she is a massive fan of).

4. He was a d*ck on Big Brother

Paulie picked on women on his season of the show and when things didn’t go his way he would throw a temper tantrum. Let us go ahead and note, he didn’t even win…

Now Calafiore doesn’t have Twitter anymore but I’m okay with an Instagram beef too?

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