#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With TikTok Creator @addyebee

I’m back this week with another talented and amazing woman as my feature for #TMITuesday. This week’s spotlight is on Canadian TikTok creator Addison B aka @addyebee. Known for her fun POV posts and “sleep demon” character this English major use the platforms to make people HAPPY. I reached out to her to talk about the app itself, her IRL life and find out how she is spending her time during the quarantine.

1.  What are you up to these days during the quarantine period?

I actually started self-isolation about a week before everyone else did and slowly stocked up on the things I needed a week before that, so now I sit on a throne of soup cans and reign over the kingdom that is my studio apartment in total solitude. It gets lonely sometimes, I miss my old life a lot but hey, that’s the life of soup can royalty baby. Who are my subjects you might ask? My 6 plants—not great conversationalists, but neither am I so it works out. 

Honestly, a lot of my day is spent calling my mom and making sure she’s okay. She works in a hospital and is immunodeficient and I can hear the stress in her voice when she calls. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s voluntarily taken up self-isolation. They’re my heroes, they’re the people who will end up keeping my mom safe by keeping this contained. But when I’m not calling her, I’m calling my TikTok followers on Discord. We sit in a big voice call and sometimes people play their instruments and sing or we just game together. It makes being alone for so long a lot easier for me. I also met up with some of my followers-turned-friends earlier this year so I have this massive support system and I’m never really alone. I’m really lucky to have this many people to reach out to.

I’m still finishing up with my classes for this term too, so I spend a lot of my free time reading and writing. I’m an English Major so its essays on essays on essays. 

2. Do you remember your first TikTok post?

I don’t remember it fully, but I do remember posting it and my best friend Halle sat me down at work the next day and was like, “You’re perfect for this, you have the look and the expressions down to an art.” When I blew up her and I freaked over it and she said, “What did I tell you! I told you you’d kill this!” A lot of my old posts are still up, I just never bothered deleting them because they’re so different from what I make now and I like seeing what I started from. 

3.  Since today is #TMITuesday is there something about you that you can tell the readers that they may not already know?

Oh, there are a million things. I have no sense of smell, I once stayed in Costa Rica with a drug dealer, I found and lost my soulmate already, I’ve been saved more than once by guardian angels. 

4.  Do you have a TikTok crush? 

I do, it’s definitely @avivasofia. I watch her videos religiously; I like her outlook on a lot of things. I would love to meet her someday. Funny enough, I’m not as invested in Tik Tok boys, they’re usually not what they present themselves to be on camera. I did meet one of my followers in Vancouver though who doesn’t make videos, he and I are still chatting away. I’m a little swept off my feet by him right now. Meeting him was like living out one of those Harry Styles fanfics. Except I’m Harry, the moody on again off again famous one and he’s the ‘quirky’ bookworm. I guess he qualifies as my TikTok crush. 

5.  What is your fave current TikTok trend?

I love the trend where people record their loved ones watching them dance. I watched this one where this girl had her boyfriend watch her and he was just SO in love with her. I cried a little. 

6. If you could choose one song to be your ‘theme song’ what would it be and why?

I took this question as, what plays when you enter into frame in a movie. It has to be “Your Man” by Down with Webster and I wish I could say I listen to them ironically, but I bump that song daily. If not that, it would be “Human Leather Shoes for Crocodile Dandies” by Caravan Palace. 

7. Ultimately, what are your goals as a creator?

People ask me this all the time. My goal on any of my platforms is to bring joy to and educate my viewers. A lot of people don’t get a platform like this, I’m so blessed to have the reach that I do. In my live streams, we discuss everything from what it means to have white privilege to what an abusive relationship looks like to how to enjoy your life even when it feels like things are falling in on you. My most successful videos lately are the ones where I tell my viewers that they’re loved, I’ve realized a lot of people don’t hear that on a daily basis. As much as I would like to turn this into something more lucrative, I would also be fine just knowing that I helped someone learn something new or that I changed their perspective on life a little.

I get a lot of messages from people who are struggling or who took something away from my videos and the one that stuck out to me most was from a guy who said he’d been raised in a really racist family. He said that listening to me talk about systematic oppression and internalized racism actually changed his mind on a lot of things. If I can reach people like that, that’s it, that’s my goal. 

8. What is an average day like for you?

My life has changed a lot over the last couple of months and an “average day” really doesn’t exist for me anymore. Every day is a battle of new emotions and new challenges. I was stuck in an abusive relationship for a long time so all of my time was initially consumed with pleasing that person and now I’ve had to re-channel all of that energy somewhere else. I’m a university student, I go to school full time and work part-time. My days are packed with that and purposefully packed so that I can heal. Generally, I wake up, get ready for the day and get my butt to class. Once that’s done I jet off to work, and once work is done I go home and check my socials. I wish I had something more exciting to answer this with, but healing is a more boring process than I anticipated. 

9. Who or what inspired your sleep paralysis demon character? 

I struggle with anxiety, and I love to humanize my anxiety. It makes it easier for me to deal with. My body sometimes confuses excitement for anxiety, or I’ll often forget what I’m anxious about, so I’m just left with this feeling of dread for no reason. I think that’s quite funny, even my anxiety can’t get its shit together. I thought about doing that for sleep paralysis demons, since people often have such traumatizing experiences with them, and along came the sweet-pie sleep paralysis demon. 

10.  What’s next for you?

Aside from ruling my one-man kingdom? I’m trying to just focus on healing. My last relationship took a huge toll on my confidence and sense of self. It’s hard to rise out of that and deliver your energy and attention to other things. Once I feel a little surer of myself and my time, I’d like to start streaming on Twitch and playing games there. I’ve also had a lot of requests for an ASMR YouTube channel where I deliver some positivity to the world, I would love to do that too. I’m in the process of creating merch as well. (Way harder to execute than I originally thought.)

But once this pandemic is over I’m also thinking about running away to Italy, getting married to my best friend and eating enough cheese to kill a fully grown elephant. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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