You’re working out, there’s no need to put in a cute hair piece, or put in a mountain of effort on your hair or make up. 


#NoLimits As corny as I think motivational phrases, especially on clothing can be it gives,at least me, this strange sense of strength. This Victoria’s Secret racerback sports bra not only provides one of those motivational phases with #NoLimits, but also support.




I went for a classic for the bottoms with some solid shaded Adidas leggings. Seen on actress/image consultant above Melinda Shankar as she trains in boxing in a Toronto gym last month.  Remember that as much as this post is about finding a cute workoutfit (yes I went there), also think functionality.



So sue me, I thought this tropical print looked cute ok. Another Adidas product in this OOTD post which I’m not usually into repeats of brands in a post but these were a little too adorable to ignore. They add a pop of color to the outfit, and provide arch support. Win, win.


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#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Are You The One 2’s “11th Girl” Christina LeBlanc

The latest season of Are You the One brought along a huge twist, and if you’re an avid reader of TMI Tuesday you’ve heard former cast member’s of the show’s opinions on the “11th girl” twist. This week you get to hear her side of it, and find out if she still talks to Brandon, and what a “Goon Squad” TV series would be like in this week’s installment of TMI Tuesday.


1.       I’m sure you were ready to talk about being the 11th girl on the latest season of AYTO, a HUGE twist for the show. A lot of the focus of the show was how angry people seemed to be initially. Clearly not with you personally, but a few of them did project that onto you. How did you handle that pressure? 
I knew what I was facing before entering into the house. At first people didn’t like me, but it wasn’t personal. Therefore I didn’t take it personally! Once people began getting to know me, the whole 11th girl thing wasn’t as important.
2. Do you think it would be the same if it were an 11th guy instead of an 11th girl?
Good question! I’m not sure. I honestly have no idea haha.

3. What would you say is the theme song to your life?

Polish Ambassador – Lost and Found. That song, especially the third verse, explains my life to a T after the show.

4. Throughout the show you had quite the ride with Brandon, do you think the connection was real or a circumstantial fling? Where do you stand with Brandon now? 

Brandon and I had something very real. Right now we are just friends, but who knows what could happen in the future. He and I will always share something very special. Right now we are actually trying to plan a trip to see one another, so that’ll be fun!

5. Speaking of Brandon, this season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 has AYTO cast members compete. How do you think you and Brandon would do if you were to compete on the show together? Which fellow cast member do you think you would compete best with?

If Brandon and I were on the Challenge together, we would run sh*t. We are both such competitive people and work great as a team. I think we would do great. Out of the entire cast, I would definitely compete with Brandon. If I picked a girl to compete with it would be Briana.


6. Do you watch any other reality shows?

Not really, to be honest.
7. What advice would you give to the season 3 hopefuls of Are You The One?
Be yourself, have fun. Don’t hold back!

8. Since today is TMI Tuesday can you tell the readers something about you they may not already know?
Something the readers don’t already know… Well, that’s difficult because I feel like most people know everything about me!  But, I have 5 sisters and a brother. That makes me the oldest of 7! Which I feel like not many people know. Sorry if that isn’t interesting enough.
9. Yourself, and fellow castmates and current roommates Briana, and Jessica are the ladies of Goon Squad. If y’all had your own show what would the premise be? 

Our life! Briana, Jess, and I have the craziest times together. We have such strong and different personalities that make our lives absolutely insane. BUT we have so much fun together and I know if people got to watch our day to day lives and interactions, they’d get a kick out of it.


10. What’s next for you Christina? 


Well, I just moved to California. So right now I’m settling in and just going where the wind takes me! I plan on attending a ridiculous amount of music festivals this year. Other than that, I’m just enjoying life and having fun with my best friends!

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#MusicMonday: Artist of the Week Deph Naught

Artist of the week: rapper Deph Naught

I got a lot of great feedback with the last few #MusicMonday artist of the week choices, with Keith Ape, and Gradur. So I thought it was best to stick with rap this week, but go with my hometown too.

Yo my name is Deph Naught (what the f%*k’s that mean, like what?) it’s a pun and it’s spelled weird.

    Born in Toronto, and rapping since he was 11 years old Deph Naught first made his way into our lives similar to Drake, minus the whole wheelchair thing, on Degrassi as “Owen“. Don’t get it twisted though, you won’t hear Deph Naught rapping about banging Nicki Minaj, or repping the Raptors. I won’t pretend upon first discovering that the actor/rapper that I expected the flow the now 23 year old has.
(photo by Lane Dorsey 2015)

The rapper’s latest mixtape Naught Again dropped in December, which featured tracks such as “No Swag” (featuring Lucid), D to The”, and “No Gusta”. Prior to the release of that mixtape was the prequel titled Your Naught. He’s big on the naight puns, wevz, NAUGHT a big deal. (that’s my only Naught pun I swear.)

  The majority of Naught’s video’s are directed by another Canadian, and former #TMITuesday interview feature: photographer Lane Dorsey.
Aka one of my fav bromances of two people I don’t know personally.

The flow spitting rapper has had his share of remixes of popular artist’s track’s as well, including 50 Cent, Tupac(yeah he went there), and Drake (the Trophies remix is seen below and tbh I like it better than Drake’s).

As much as I’m an open fan of rap that basically babbles on about women, and bottles and labels I can’t afford, it’s also a welcome change to listen to lyrics that have honesty, and passion in them. Not that all of his tracks are serious, Deph often reminds me of a young Eminem, unapologetic, with raw lyrics.

And hey, we all know I love a nerdy rapper with a fanboy flow with eyebrows better than mine.

I feel like Deph Naught should join me and the squad at Atomic Lollipop in July and get a little geeky with me, he can cosplay as Lane Dorsey, man bun and all.

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And stay tuned tomorrow for a #TMITuesday interview with Goon House girl, and AYTO cast member Christina LeBlanc, and fresh posts ALL WEEK. Yeah, THE ENTIRE WEEK.


Gossip Girl

#CinemaSunday: 3 Horrors Films from 2015 That You Need To Catch

Although I’m thrilled to see horror in the mainstream with films such as It Follows, and that pathetic attempt at a cyber horror Unfriended I will always support indie horror, and lesser known horrors. Call me a hipster, a film snob, whatever. I figured for #CinemaSunday this week I would let y’all know about some 2015 horrors getting ready to hit VOD, theatres, and the festival circuit.

1. MANIA  

This indie horror, directed by scream queen Jessica Cameron, who brought you Truth or Dare, is back with her sophomore directed film about a couple who make their way cross-country following a gorey, and brutal murder. The film stars Ellie Church (Headless) and  Tristan Risk (American Mary) as lesbian lovers on the run. Be sure to request this one for your local film fests. Director Cameron describes the film as “a f*&%ed up lesbian love story”.


If you’re an avid reader of my interview segment #TMITuesday then you remember my interview with director James Cullen Bressack. This flick is from JCB and tells the story of 3 women’s Summer plans to live it up in Thailand going horribly wrong.
After the 3 women unknowingly release the spirit of a dead child, one is is pissed I might add. Maybe it’s because I’ve been re-watching Supernatural for the 3rd time, but I do love a good vengeful spirit. Get excited for this one guys.  The film hits some theatres, and VOD June 19th.


How could I list indie-horrors without a zombies vs something film? It would be wrong to do so. This flick from Brad Twigg, starring  Rosanna Nelson, Patrick Opitz, Andrea Marie, and more revolves around a group of moms out for a ladies night gone wrong. When their town is overrun with zombies, the moms must kill the zombies, meet up with their husbands, and save their children from Summer camp. It’s ok to laugh, I know I am.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new #MusicMonday artist of the week post, and all new #TMITuesday interview with Are you The One star Christina LeBlanc!

#FitnessFriday: TOWIE Star/Model Pascal Craymer’s Snack Pick

The Only Way is Essex star Pascal Craymer is not only a reality star but also a model. Anyone will tell you that when it comes to staying in shape you can’t just workout a few times  a week and expect results. Eating right is an essential step in the weight loss/fitness maintenance game but it doesn’t have to be all bland food and a sad face. Pascal Craymer Upfront Zoo Magazine
In my interview with Craymer for #TMITuesday last month the model and gymnastics lover revealed one of her favourite healthy snacks! It’s simple, protein packed, and often forgotten:

Rice cake with peanut butter and banana

I’ll be more than a little worried if you continue to read this for a recipe but hey, maybe you need it.


a plain rice cake

peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

A peeled banana

Take the rice cake, and spread peanut butter on it. Slice the banana into small pieces, place them on the rice cake, and then worry that you needed a recipe for this.

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with TV host, and MTV personality Brittany Baldassari

This week’s  #TMITuesday feature is someone who has been all over your screens over the last year or so and no one is upset about that. The feisty female who made her first screen appearance on the debut season of MTV’s Are You The One , which lead the megababe to her on again off again hookup (and former #TMITuesday interviewee) Adam Kuhn.
More recently  Baldi and her former cast mate Ryan Malty were recently presenters at The 2015 Reality TV Show Awards.
I sat down to ask Brittany  about her time on AYTO,  Adam,her latest media endeavors, and more.


1.During your time on Are You the One, and The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 you and Adam Kuhn have had a lot of drama it feels like. what is your current relationship with Adam?

    Adam and  I had lots of drama during both Are You The One and The Challenge. Our personalities and outlooks on life do not mesh well, we are like oil and water. To say the least, he is not my perfect match. Currently Adam and I are civil. We will never be good friends, but I also do not see him as an enemy either.

adam42. What was your initial reaction when you discovered you would be competing with Adam on this past season of The Challenge?

     When I first found out Adam would be my partner this season on MTV The Challenge, my heart dropped. I knew I was going to be forced to work with someone that I did not get along with. My mind started racing and I was skeptical on how we would perform together considering we were not on the best terms as friends.

3. You are now a host with @afterbuzzTV@wickedbitesTV, congratulations by the way! How did that start? And what can we expect from this?

    Thank you for the congrats. I have a natural talent for being in front of the camera and I love interviewing others, hosting stemmed from me wanting to take my passion of entertaining others and turning it into reality. You can expect me to be doing a ton of TV hosting and live broadcasting. I recently moved to Los Angeles to continue my pursuit in landing a full time broadcasting gig, Afterbuzz TV and Wicked Bites are an incredible platform for that.

4. Which 3 other AYTO cast members (from either season) would you like on a 4 person team with you on The Challenge, if you had the choice.

     I love the season 2 cast, they are good people. But for a 4 person crew I have to go with my home field original gangsters from season 1. I would love Joey Dillon and Ryan Malaty for guys. Both of them are very physically athletic and mentally stable, they would make for great Challenge partners both physically and during strategics they would be beneficial. For girls, I would want either Shanley Mcintee or Jessica Perez. Both girls are fierce competitors and physically willing to push their bodies to the limit. I think together we would slay competition.


5. How did your time on Are You The One change you? 

   My time on Are You The One has not really changed me as a person. Mentally it has prepped me for other great opportunities. My experience also taught me the value of love and what to look for in a long term future mate. I would say it was highly beneficial. I also gained life time friends. I am happy to be apart of the MTV family and excited for future opportunities.

6. Who would be your celebrity “perfect match”?

      My dream guy is NHL player and Pittsburgh Penguins captain, Sidney Crosby. He is my perfect match. I find him to be so inspirational. He is hard working, determined to be the best, and he seems like a genuine kind hearted man. I feel like him and I would mesh well and we would put in work during a Challenge!

7. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something they may not already know about you? 

  Readers do not know that I love to cook and eat very healthy. I strive to be physically fit and love pushing my body to its limits.


8. If seems like you and Adam, prior to your elimination on the show, spent a LOT of time in the dome. Do you feel this established the two of you as a threat/force to be reckoned with?  Did you think it was fair that rookies Jenna and Jay were not put in the same position?

     Adam and I did spend a lot of the time in the dome. At the time (while filming) it was highly stressful but looking back, I would not change it. I feel being in the dome that many times made me fearless and ready for future Challenges. I feel it established our team as the Underdog powercouple. Jay and Jenna never lost a Challenge, as rookies that is incredible. So although it was not fair that they were not thrown into an elimination, they also earned their stripes keeping themselves out of the dome.

9.What is the theme song to your life?

      I love Avicci  “wake me up”. It is so fun and up beat! It is my theme song to life. The lyrics are very relatable to me “life is a game for everyone and love is the prize”. I enjoy that quote because I am very picky when it comes to dating, and once I end up with the right man it will be a prize to cherish. I also love when the lyrics talk about staying forever young and traveling. This whole song is about a journey and finding yourself through life experiences.


10. What’s next for you Brittany? Any upcoming projects, events? 

  I am currently working on a webseries with former cast member Ryan Malaty, stay tuned via our social media for updates on that. I will also continue hosting shows on Afterbuzz TV as well as Wicked Bites (when I am in the Boston area of course). I will continue pushing hard and focusing on my career as both a sports and entertainment personality. Hopefully you will see me kickin’ booty on the next Challenge!

Need more Brittany? Follow her on twitter @brittany_baldi  and check out her website brittanybaldi.com

Be sure to look out for more from Brittany, and Ryan!

And stay tuned every week for brand new #TMITuesday interview!

#MusicMonday: Artist of the week Gradur

Artist of the week: rapper Gradur

This week’s artist of the week is French rapper  and 90’s child Gradur. As a member of the ShegueeySquad Gradur released his much anticipated debut album this past February.

Gradur’s album L’homme au Bob was released under the Barclay Records’ label this past Winter. The 24 year old French rapper has worked with the likes of Chief Keef, Migos ,and Booba.

I was first exposed  to Gradur’s music when looking for, oddly enough, Dominican rap to get myself excited for a trip to the Dominican Republic a few months ago.
Since then I have had the rapper, who is the same age is I am, blasting on my playlists.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new #TMITuesday interview!

#OOTD: Red Carpet Ready On a Budget

 In preparation for tonight’s 3rd Annual Reality TV Awards I put together this red carpet ready look, each item is under $150.00 too! All the items are from ranges created by reality TV stars too.


A nice clean cut bun is a great way to look glamorous  and like you tried but often need to put minimal effort into a good low bun. I utilize them for presentations, and meetings. This particular bun is a clip on piece from Lauren Pope’s Hair Rehab London range.


vip bride 2 be


Sticking with the clean look, and I chose this white midi dress. Perfect for a red carpet-to award show-to after party look. The VIP Bride To Be Dress from Vicky Pattison’s (Star of Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, and Judge Geordie) VIP collection from HoneyzUK is an affordable staple item for a chic closet.

FUN FACT: Vicky’s new show “Judge Geordie” premieres on June 3rd on MTV UK.



How can I send you off on a red carpet without some sparkle? This gorgeous hand chain is available from DASH, the boutique run by the queen of reality TV the Kardashians.
You can grab the A.Marie Jewelry Trixie Hand Chain here:



It’s Summer (almost), so a strappy/open toed shoe is okay again. I chose the Celsus Suede Sandal by Jessica Simpson. (I know you want to try to say  “hey she’s a singer not a reality TV star but 2009 and Nick Lachey would beg to differ).


The 3rd Annual Reality TV Awards

     You may have thought award season was over, you thought wrong. Tonight is our night, the reality TV junkies of the world. A special breed of TV fandom, shippers, and viewers will be treated for the 3rd year to an evening to celebrate all that is reality TV with the 3rd Annual Reality TV Awards (Created by Kristen Moss and Andrew Ward. Talent/Show Producer John Barra) Streaming live from Avalon Hollywood and hosted by Jonathan Bennett (“Dancing with the Stars” & “Mean Girls”) who will look sexy with his hair pushed back, tell him this the awards will honor stars in 21 categories. Plus the awards’ first ever inductees to the Reality TV Hall Of Fame – Heidi and Spencer Pratt “Speidi” of The Hills.   The event is sponsored by Mohegan Sun  and Audio Network, and 10% of the proceeds go to benefit the Wodynski Heart Foundation which is a nice change from the lack of charitable events in the awards world. Presenters include MTV’s Are You The One? Ryan Malaty (a former #TMITuesday interviewee on here), Brittany Baldassari of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, and MTV’s Are You The One (next week’s #TMITuesday feature), and many more. Nominees such as Abby Lee Miller of “Dance Moms”, and cast members of women of the Real House Wives series’ will battle it out with over 1.1 million votes casted to see who wins. The red Carpet starts at 6PM, show begins at 8PM. Keep up with the Reality TV Awards  on social media: Facebook Twitter Instagram I’ll be sure to live tweet the event, be sure to follow me on Twitter to chat with me about it using the hashtag #RTVAs  You can watch the awards  Live Streaming at www.RTVAs.com or www.RealityTelevisionAwards.com STARTING AT 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV personality Ashley Kelsey Marie

You may remember this week’s #TMITuesday feature from her San Diego season of MTV’s The Real World, and her time on The Challenge. I was lucky enough to chat with the woman who’s heart is bigger than her biceps (for now), Crossfit crazy Ashley Marie Kelsey I talk music, MTV, fitness, why blondes have more fun (I’m an expert with that now y’all), and of course Zach Nichols.


1. Since your season of The Real World: San Diego how do you think you have grown as a person?

       I feel like I have grown tremendously as a person. When you film a reality show you learn so much about yourself that you don’t even realize you are learning at the time. I’m not as afraid to speak my mind, I’m more open about my feelings and I’m much more relaxed. I’ve always been a-go-with -the -low kind of person but I over think everything. I’ve learned to let go a little and just have faith in the journey of life and know that you can’t control everything always!

2. You’re big into fitness, what’s your staple work out move (or set of?)?

I’ve always been really into health and fitness and it’s been a huge part of my life since I was young. Since the show I’ve been huge into Crossfit. During the Challenge frank introduced me to Crossfit and I fell in love. It’s the one workout that I feel constantly challenges me. I love lifting and i would have to say my favorite lift is over head squat and I love Bulgarian lunges as well. I mean who doesn’t like a nice booty, so I gotta keep working at it!

3. Your ex Zach Nichols recently appeared on the latest season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes with his another ex of his Jonna (both seen to the left). Did you watch this season? Did you root for Zach?

  I had a hard time bringing myself to watch this season of the challenge, not because of Zach but bc of my good friend Diem. So to answer your question, no I haven’t watched this season. I talked to Zach before he left for the Challenge and told him it can either be you and I or you and Jonna, you pick and he didn’t care so I felt it was better for me not to do it. After hearing some of the feed back and having people tell me about his behavior, I’m glad I made the decision I did. The way that he is being portrayed or how he is acting is not the Zach that I dated or know so I’m not sure what went wrong this season. I will say this though, Zach is a good person who has a good heart, I don’t think he does anything with a malicious intent.


4. Since today is #TMITuesday is there something you can tell the readers about yourself that they may not already know?

Something that ya’ll might now know, hmmm let me think. I’m pretty much an open book and don’t hide much or anything but I am looking to go back to school to get my master’s in International business. I’d love the opportunity to travel the world and see other cultures and why not make money doing so! 

5. What sort of music is on your workout playlist?

Lately I’ve really been into house music and of course Hip Hop! I listen to David Guetta, Ellie Goulding, Drake, The Weekend, J. Cole, Rick Ross, just to name a few.


6. You appeared on the Challenge previously, if you could choose the ultimate  person team of any cast member of either The Real World, The Challenge, or Are You The One who would they be and why?

I’ve never seen Are you the one so I have no idea who they are but I’m sure there would be some fun competitors to choose from, MTV is good at picking em! haha But I personally would want to on a Duel, each man for themselves, see how tough people really are. Or maybe it would be fun to have only winners of previous challenges compete!

7. You’re mostly known for being a blonde, but recently are a brunette, do blondes have more fun?


     I’m naturally blonde so I would say yes blondes have way more fun! hahaha I wanted a change and had never gone dark so I figured why not. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the result but I think I may be slowly traveling back to my blonde roots again, I knew it wouldn’t last for long.

8. Do you watch any other reality TV shows aside from MTV shows?

    Keeping up with the Kardashians is a guilty pleasure of mine, I think they are absolutely hilarious! But I don’t really watch too much tv in general so not really! One show that I do love and would love to do is the Amazing Race, looks sooooo fun!

9. What have you been up to since your last Challenge appearance?

Since the challenge I’ve really just been trying to live a simple life but take advantage of the fun opportunities that come my way. I currently live in Los Angeles which has been really fun! I do print and commercial work as well as have a full-time job and work at my Crossfit box because yes I am that obsessed with the gym and apparently working. To say I’m blessed is an understatement.

10. What’s next for you? 

What’s next, I’m not sure, but i’m having fun along the way and I’m looking forward to finding out what my future holds myself!


Keep up with AMK on instagram,  and stay tuned next week for an all new #MusicMonday, and #TMITuesday interview with MTV’s Brittany Baldi.