#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Jemmye Carroll

I swear I listen when you request interviewees to me on Twitter and there was an abundance of Jemmye requests. It’s always a treat for me to be able to interview women I admire. This strong af queen first hit our screens on The Real World: NOLA and has since made her return to The Challenge after a break from the competitive reality series. We finally linked up to chat, throw some shade, and get to some real issues in this week’s #TMITuesday.


1. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

I think a lot of people assume I am a mean girl because I do throw shade in my interviews, but I see those interviews/confessionals as my platform/opportunity to be expressive(similar to a comedian on stage), so I think the biggest misunderstanding about me(especially this season) is that I’m a real life mean girl, when in reality, I am the furthest thing from that. People that know me will tell you I am the friendliest/nicest person you will meet and just because I am occasionally shady on a REALITY TV show doesn’t mean that’s how I am in my real life.

 2. With rumors of Jersey Shore cast members joining The Challenge and my encouragement on Twitter of Teen Mom getting in on it too. I have to know who would be your dream partner on The Challenge if you could choose (and why)?

I have to say Javi because him and I are such good friends in real life. When you are partnered with someone on a challenge, communication & trust  are the most vital parts of keeping the team strong, and I think Javi and I would communicate well.Image result for javi teen mom 2 I think we would both trust each other despite the drama/politics of the game.  I  also think he would be a beast at the actual challenges with his military/crossfit background.

 3. How do you separate your TV life from your outside life after taking a break from The Challenge? 

I have a very good core of real friends who don’t care about my TV life, so they keep me grounded/keep my life in perspective.  I also never take the opportunities I’ve been given for granted because I know so many people would kill to live this life I’ve been blessed with. This also kinda goes back to question one(but anybody that knows me or any fan that has ever met me) will tell you anytime someone approaches me about the show, I always take time to ask them their name, have a conversation with them & answer any question they have/Facetime their friend if they want me to, take a picture(no matter how bad I look), etc. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I’m at, I will always make time for someone who approaches me bcecauseI am so thankful for the fan base we have.


 4. “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers“. – Drake

 Which cast member do you think needs to stay off of Twitter?

 Kailah is the definition of twitter fingers because she blocked me on twitter months ago when we got into a twitter fight over her saying some insensitive things about the race of a Big Brother contestant, yet she continues to tweet about me and mention my name in every single one of her Instagram live videos. In my opinion, it’s petty AF to block someone then continue to constantly talk about them on ALL of your social media platforms.

5. You’re an active supporter of human/equal rights, how do you think America could come together to aid in eliminating the human rights issues facing it today?

I think Americans need to be kinder to people that don’t look like them. I think it simply starts there, with kindness to everyone, because no matter what the maps say, no matter what the current president says, no matter what somebody’s papers say, we all belong here. Also, get involved with a charity/movement that speaks to you. Getting involved in something that matters is the best way to make this country & this world a little better.

 6. Your first appearance on MTV was on The Real World: New Orleans which began filming post Hurricane Katrina. You had a first hand look at the devastation caused by the natural disaster during filming, and eventually moving there post RW. Both Hurricane Harvey and Irma have left thousands in shambles, what is the best way to help?

 Fun fact: Real World Nola was the first major show to film in New Orleans post Katrina, & I truly believe our success played a vital role in the growth of the film industry in Nola in the months/years following RW Nola & being a part of that will always be one of my greatest accomplishments because the film industry truly did help rebuild Nola. As far as the best way to help in regards to Harvey & Irma, donate what you can to whatever organization that matters the most to you. I know that sounds simple, but a donation is a donation and with the devastation that’s been caused anything will truly help.

 7. Let’s get a little less serious and a lot more slumber party: who is your MTV crush? I’m a very open stan and future wife of Tyler Posey.

My answer to this question is going to give ya’ll a lot of insight about the type of men I crush on/date but it’s Nev from Catfish. Related image The main qualities I look for in a man is that he’s smart, a feminist, creative, & just a genuine good human to every one he encounters, & I  feel like Nev checks all those boxes. I love a good introvert (like I’m a legit sucker for a shy guy), and I think that’s why I never have challenge crushes because the type of guys they cast are the furthest thing from the men I date in real life. I may be on reality tv but I have no desire to date a man on it.

 8. My shade queen, l notice you get a fair bit of backlash on social media for being a strong woman who speaks her mind. How do you handle haters and trolls?

 I’ve learned that people will love me, people will hate me. And none has anything to do with me. I refuse to filter myself based on what people from social media expect from me. I tell the people that say really mean things to me daily that if my tweets piss you/if you hate me so much then simply press that unfollow button, move on, yet they never seem to take this advice/they continue to follow me and tweet me, so I’ve learned,  whether they love me or hate me they’re still paying attention.IMG_2484 But in all seriousness, I appreciate it all, both the negative & positive, & the love I receive always outweighs the hate, & I think that’s all that matters.

 9. There has been SO MUCH this season already. Backstabbing,cheating,fights, racism,and a true test of character. Can you spill some dirty 30/reunion tea for the readers? Maybe shed some light from a bts perspective? 

At the reunion(which was filmed on Friday, September 8) we were told the racist slurs that Camila said to Leroy wouldn’t air, then the following Monday(Sept 11) we all received a call that MTV would actually be airing that scene the following day(last week’s episode). So that was a huge shocker because we all left the reunion thinking the viewers wouldn’t get to see what really happened that night. There has also been two female cast members going at it nonstop on twitter all season, & let’s just say they finally get to go at it in real life :). Tony’s girlfriend was also present for the reunion so viewers will get to hear from her regarding his cheating scandal. I think my favorite part of the reunion was hearing the truth about why Tori & Derrick H broke up/what went down between them

 10. Whats next for you Jemmye?

 I am in the process of turning my challenge platform into more opportunities. I currently hired a publishing team to help me with the finishing touches of my book, and if all goes according to plan, we are planning for an early 2018 release date.  I am also in the process of signing a PR team because once the book is released I want to do a book tour. I  truly needed a break from tv/this lifestyle after Knight passed, and I don’t regret leaving tv and focusing on myself, but now that I am back on The Challenge, I plan to use every opportunity I am given to build my platform, and turn this into a full fledged business.  I also possibly have a web series in the works, so honestly, I am just simply throwing my name into a lot of things, working as many angles as I possibly can, & whatever comes thru is what’s meant to be for me. And let’s be real, anybody that follows me knows that hosting teen mom after shows will always be the ultimate goal.

Be sure to follow Jemmye on Twitter and catch The Challenge: XXX tonight at 10pm on MTV.

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with ‘What’s Different In Canada’ Author Kevin Bracken

With today being the U.S presidential election, and a lot of Americans ready to head over the border to live in Canada it only seems right to speak with ‘What’s Different In Canada’ author Kevin Bracken.The NewMindSpace magic maker-Deer Team Six leader-Astral Beach Co-Founder sparked the book idea from his popular Tumblr blog of the same title.  I sat down to ask Bracken about the literary conquest, find out what his theme song is, and get ‘too much info’ in this week’s #TMITuesday interview.


1.What inspired you to write this book?

A few years ago, I was trying to convince my friend Dustin to move to Canada. On a long flight from San Francisco, I began to write down all the little things that we different between the US and Canada. I’m pretty sure the first thing I wrote down was, “A traffic cone is called a pylon.” From there, I started a Tumblr that grew as people sent more and more suggestions.

Earlier this year, after Super Tuesday when it became apparent that Trump was going to win the Republican nomination, web searches for “move to Canada” spiked dramatically. I realized the time to release my blog in book format had come. 

2. So tell the readers what about the book, whats it all about?The book is about all the little differences between life in the US and Canada, split up into 5 sections: Food and drink, words and language, brands, nostalgia, and culture. I started with food because this seems to be the one that blows people’s minds the most. Did you know in the US we have our own cheese called “American cheese?” In Canada it’s called “processed cheese” which is much less appetizing, but certainly true. Cream soda in America is light brown versus pink in Canada. Americans don’t have Swiss Chalet or ketchup chips, either!

3. Having spent so much time in both Canada, and America, which one of the differences surprised you the most? The food ones really blow my mind the most. Being from America, I always considered microwaves to be pretty magical; here in Canada they are basically the devil. Canadians will use the stove to heat up soup, an electric kettle to make tea and ramen, and in the US we’ll use the microwave for all of it.

4. Since today is #TMITuesday, can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?I can hum the Super Mario theme theme song so it sounds like a perfect kazoo rendition – without a kazoo.

5. So, whats the difference between a NewMindSpace event in Canada, and one in America?I’d say our Canadian events are much more youth-focused, while our American events bring out a lot of families. Not sure why that is – but I think it’s part of the fact that it was never considered “bad parenting” to raise your kids downtown in Canada.

6. What was your experience like writing this book?
When I started the blog, it was just my opinions, written down in no particular order; however, as I went on, I started getting suggestions from all over Canada, even from as far away as Nunavut! It was a really cool experience hearing from people in the arctic.

7. If you were to choose one song to be your ‘theme song’ what would it be?

8. The book is available as a free downloadable e-book, what made you choose to have it be not only super accessible, but also free?

I have known a lot of authors and publishers, and they all seem to take a pretty dim view about writing a book in 2016. Advances are shrinking, there is not a whole lot of money to be made, so it didn’t really make sense to charge money for it. I would rather get the book in front of as many people as possible, and keep spreading the good news about my adopted country.

9. Describe the book using 1 GIF:

Saturday Night Live television snl canada seth meyers

10. Whats next for you Kevin?

In 2016, we built a large metal swan car that shoots fire. In 2017, we are building an even bigger touring festival stage that will be shaped like a dragon that can hold about 20 people dancing on top. The code name is Heavy Meta.

You can get  your FREE download of the book at: whatsdifferentincanada.com


#MusicMonday: U.S Presidential Election Playlist

Ok, ok I live in Canada but I still believe its important to vote in the election tomorrow.
This is such an important vote, and an important day in history so naturally I had to put together a voting playlist to get the 18+ crowd in the USA excited.

This election has been a plethora of frightening thoughts of Trump winning, feeling the Bern, incredible memes, and platform issues that MATTER. This list is a fun way for me to remind y’all to V O T E.





I’m not a Trump fan at all but these are my boys.


Lana is like the first lady of sad and I love her, expect more LDR on this list.


What is more American than country music?


This HAD to make the list, such an iconic American party song.


I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America

Coming in for the pop punk rep on the list…


Raised on Biggie and Nirvana


I couldn’t post Madonna’s version. #sorrynotsorry


I told you that wouldn’t be the last of Lana on this list…

This song also brings me back to being like 4 or 5 and dancing around to my parent’s music

An American horror dream?

Another classic tho…

You can watch porn, take advantage of another right as an 18+ human in America and VOTE.