MTV’s AYTO 8 Season Finale: Did They Secure The Bag?

The MTV hit competitive dating series ended it’s 8th season this week with it’s first sexually fluid cast.

With 6 couples left to find their perfect match fans wondered whether or not the “bad at dating” folk could pull a W.

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Well they did it, they secured the bag, and their perfect matches. I’m curious to see who from this cast stays together, and who finds their way to either dating other AYTO alumni, or onto The Challenge.

Who were your favorite couples?


Season 8 Of MTV’s Are You The One Premieres Tonight With It’s First Sexually Fluid Cast

Seven seasons of fights, drunken hookups, MTV’s The Challenge stars made, and some promising love connections. My favourite social experiment love show Are You The One is back tonight with an all new-cast.

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Contestants have 10 weeks to find their “perfect match”, with a chance to win $1 million dollars to split. With a sexually fluid cast the challenge to find the perfect match for these 16 singles is greater, but more fun.

Catch the season premiere at 9/8c on MTV tonight, and let’s see if this cast f*cks it up like season 5…

Teen Mom OG Recap Episode 5: Private Lives And Private School

I really am wondering now how Farrah and Chey would get along if they were on the same season…

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Cheyenne: Chey is busy dealing with her breakup with Zach, and reveals that baby Ryder has a lifelong disease. The Gap model (yes, Ryder has already secured the bag) has to live with has a rare genetic disorder, called VLCAD. And Cory stays as the resident DILF of the cast.

Catelynn: More emotional drama between Cate and Tyler, but it’s par for the course given the many factors that the two have cultivated in their life together. Our poor Tyler has to now deal with his sister entering treatment and it broke my heart to watch.

Bristol: Dakota and Bristol find themselves caught up in petty post-breakup drama and struggle to co-parent. I see this is going to be their common theme in this season.

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Maci: Bentley is boujee now and wants to go to private school, this was influenced by Ryan’s parents and Maci is having NONE OF IT.

Amber: From prison to a happy family, Amber discusses Andrew’s positive effect on her, and her brother makes time to come meet baby James.

Teen Mom OG Recap Episode 3: Long Lost Dads And Teen Dads With Guest Writer Laguna Biotch

I told you there were going to be some amazing guest writers for this and I have not come up empty-handed. My fellow MTV poster from the incredibly popular Laguna Beach Instagram Laguna Biotch has got this week’s recap for you

Alright, so far I need to say that I am liking this season of Teen Mom OG a lot more than I thought I would. Listen, I hated Farrah but I liked watching her chaos, I liked watching Sophia talk like a demon and I hated to love Deb. I understand that she was horrendous but I didn’t know why the show as adding two random people instead of maybe just leaving the show with three people. Bristol and Cheyenne though, there is something about them that I like. We are three episodes in and I am ready to see what’s up with Bristol’s husband or well, ex-husband now I believe. As far as Cheyenne goes? I find her kind of annoying but Ryder is adorable and I like seeing Cory outside The Challenge house, it is pretty refreshing to see him hanging out with his daughter.

So let’s see how this show that was once about Teen Moms but is now more like The Real Housewives of MTV is shaping up.

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Cheyenne: So I think by now we have all realized that Cheyenne was brought in for the drama, the adorable daughter and because Cory is her baby daddy. The whole episode basically focused around her being at a cookout and there being well, a ton of drama. It starts out because her father said that he didn’t love her unconditionally, or didn’t believe in loving someone unconditionally, something like that. In reality, I think that everyone had been drinking a bit so everything was basically one big miscommunication. One thing that wasn’t a miscommunication was when Zach, Cheyenne’s boyfriend’s friend started to get into Cheyenne’s face. She continued to say “I’m done” and I decided to make a Teen Mom OG drinking game out of that saying. That is like her motto in life, she is done, she is always done with the drama that she kind of causes herself. At the end of the episode, everyone is okay with everyone. Zach apologizes, Cory is watching Ryder, and Cheyenne admits that she is just a tiny bit dramatic.

Catelynn: Tonight I feel like everything for Catelynn was kind of, boring. The segments were really short and mostly focused on Tyler which I am definitely fine with for a little bit. The two of them were on Dr. Oz and I feel like it was to mostly talk about how both Tyler and Catelynn are depressed. I don’t know, they didn’t show enough of it. Truthfully, I want them to get better and I hope that in time we get to see them being a happy couple again. Obviously, they have both been through so much and I am really interested to see Tyler working out his own struggles.

On another note, more Nova please! She is my favorite kid on the show, next to Jayde of course.

Bristol: I think we all know that Bristol is probably going to have the most screen time this season due to tensions rising with Dakota. This episode a lot happened, so sit back and read. She announced that they had filed for divorce, Dakota said that she was making co-parenting hard, and then he moved all of her stuff into the guest room. One thing we also learned is that her son Tripp will be on a reality dance competition for kids, which was something that I immediately didn’t like! I knew that family loved attention but damn, they had two reality shows going on in that family right now. I don’t know, that was something I didn’t like. When she was talking to her mom, good ol Sarah Palin, I genuinely thought that Sarah sounded drunk. Image result for bristol palin divorce

End of the day, I hope that this divorce is what is best for both Bristol and Dakota. I also really hope that Dakota is able to face his demons.

Maci: Listen, I love Maci as much as the next Teen Mom fan but honestly, I only want to know about her drama with Ryan. Tonight, she went up to Capitol Hill and received in an award for, I am not sure. I believe it was because she is an advocate for PCOS and I think that is great! I love that she is using her platform for good, but other than that, nothing happened. I genuinely just sat there barely paying attention during her segments which kind of bummed me out. Proud of her though, keep doing what you’re going and bringing attention to PCOS which affects so many women around the world!

Amber: At this point, I actually almost forgot to write about Amber. This episode she basically said that she was going to be leaving Leah for a month, then immediately said she would miss her. I am just glad that Leah has Gary and Kristina. Other than the Los Angelos bombshell we are still on a quest to find Gary’s biological father.

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Derrick Henry

From looking for love, and money on Are You The One, to The Challenge to Ex On The Beach with last week’s feature Vic this week’s #TMI star is #TeamChocolate’s Derrick Henry. We chat about The challenge 32, Ex On the Beach, AYTO and of course Tori in an all new post! I told y’all this month had fireeeeeeeeeee!


  1. In terms of house dynamics, how does it differ within Ex On The Beach (US), Are You The One, and The Challenge?

Are You The One is completely different from Ex On The Beach and The Challenge because you can’t get eliminated. On Are You The One, you can say what you want and act how you want without having to worry about getting eliminated. Also, that show is mainly about love and a show based on love brings out way more emotions.


Ex On The Beach differs from the other shows because of the Shack of Secrets. The Shack of Secrets can expose anything done in the past and can expose anything that’s done in the house. Therefore, you have to be extremely smart with what you do or who you hook up with because the wrong hookup can be exposed and make you a target for elimination. Also, I was on season 1 of Ex On The Beach, so I literally had no idea of what to expect.

The Challenge differs because of the competition. Also, the politics to avoid getting thrown into elimination results in a lot of backstabs and drama. You truly can’t trust anyone in The Challenge house.

  1. Can you ever forgive Tori?

I’ve already forgiven her. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Not so fun fact for non-Challenge fans: Tori Deal (AYTO, The challenge, Second Chances, Fear Factor etc) cheated on Derrick, and is currently still with the side chick of the season aka Jordan.

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  1. Since today is #TMITuesday what is something your fans may not know about you already?

Most fans don’t know that by the age of 23, I had 3 college degrees while playing D1 basketball. My degrees were in Business Finance, Economics, and my MBA.

  1. If you could choose a partner on The Challenge who would it be?

If I could choose a partner on The Challenge, it would be Darrell.

  1. What would you say if your ‘theme song’?

My theme song would have to be “So Much More” by Big Sean

  1. Do you keep in touch with any of your EOTB or AYTO fellow cast members?

I keep my circle small, but yes I stay in contact with a few cast members like Casandra Martinez, Cam Kobo, Diandra Delgado, etc.

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  1.  Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my family.

  1.  The ultimate Are You The One question but: love or money? Why?

BOTH!!! But if I was forced to choose one it would be love. Genuine real love is an amazing feeling that you can never put a price tag on. Having that soulmate that always makes you happy is an unreal feeling.

  1. If the world were to end in 3 minutes, what would be the last song you listened to?

“Hope” by Faith Evans ft. Twista

  1. What is next for you Derrick?

Let’s just say I write tv scripts and really want to be a host. So, I might just be selling a tv script in which I will host the show.

It’s P.Muna’s Birthday And He’s Giving Us All A Gift With His New Album ‘1991’

A few seasons ago Lighthearted Entertainment and MTV introduced us to New York’s own Prosper aka P.Muna on Are You The One’s 4th season. Since then I have been blessed to interview him and follow him on his musical journey, and see him grow as an empire with his fashion line ‘1991’.  Image result for p.muna

Fast forward to 2018 and it’s P.Muna’s birthday today! The talented megabae dropped his new album also titled ‘1991’ today and I’m already buzzin’ over it. Grab your copy here

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV’s AYTO 6 Tyler Colon

We may be living in a time without AYTO on MTV (for the time being) but yo girl has you covered with 2018’s first #TMITuesday post. I sat down to chat with season 6 zaddy Tyler about all things Are You The One, Kendrick Lamar and more. Let’s giiittt itttttttttttttttttttttttttt!


1. Let’s dive right into this, how do you feel about former AYTO alumni getting involved with newer season cast members? Do you believe these are true connections of a desperate ploy to remain AYTO famous?

First of all, I don’t think anyone from AYTO is famous, we’re all just people and if they want to keep their dating life in the reality circle then that’s their business.

2. I went right into that drama and tea but since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

I didn’t want to let this secret out… but I’m actually a professional lip-syncer.

3. On the note of former AYTO cast mates dating current cast members whom from a different season would you say is your ‘Perfect Match’?

Alyssa from season 4 because she’s from near my home town and looks like a glazed Krispy Kreme donut which is my thing.

Image result for alyssa are you the one 4

4. Is there anything that should have been addressed in the reunion that wasn’t? The world needs more tea now that the season is over.

The reunion didn’t address that Nicole and I aren’t together.  So for all the girls in my DMs… yes we can get married.

Image result for tyler colon are you the one 6

5. What would you say is your ‘theme song’?

The Office theme song is my theme song!

6. Do you keep in touch with any of your castmates?

Shad is actually my roommate and Emoney and work on music all the time! 

7. Are You The One has a very unique premise for a dating show, do you think the show has been successful in helping to create meaningful connections and relationships?

Well the divorce rate in America is like 50 percent so AYTO can’t do any worse than that?

8. 2018 is fast approaching, I plan to try be less of a catty person in the new year. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

My New years resolution is to have a three sum with Netflix and Chipotle.  Image result for are you the one tyler colon

jk i do that every weekend

9. With 2017 ending, and it being a crazy year in music what was your favourite album that came out this year, and why?

‘DAMN’ and it wasn’t even close; Kendrick Lamar could produce a hit album every month if he wanted to .

10. What’s next for you Tyler? Any upcoming projects, or plans to spend your new found AYTO cash?

Well I’m probably going to spend my money on trying to uncover the Krabby Patty formula and make millions of dollars.