Toronto Is Being Invaded By Mutant Vehicles This Weekend

Over the last two years a lot on Sterling Road in Toronto has been transformed into a smaller version of Burning Man. Cultivating all the art, culture, music, and good vibes of the thing in the desert.

This weekend, for the last time, the event returns. With more art cars and funky tunes. Described by Heavy Meta Entertainment the event will:

“Heavy Meta + The Ark Car present: Metaverse // The final Sterling Lot party. An art car and music experience.

Save the date: July 27th 2019

+ Heavy Meta. The Ark Car. Tarna. The Anglerfish.
+ Art installations.
+ Fire. Lots of fire.
+ Art buses: TTZ and The Bubble Bus
+ Interactive rides.
+ A chill plounge.
+ Food vendors.

We have once more secured the massive, tree-lined outdoor space in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood for the final time. Come say goodbye to our “playa in the city” before it transforms to the next phase of its life. All is ephemeral.


Where past and present collide in a fiery explosion. Where the future is shaped by lightning and steel. Where dreams are sewn with metallic threads and flames burn bright into the night. Come bear witness to the spawn of magic and machinery through the manifestation of the monolithic fire-breathing beast called Heavy Meta.

This is our final fundraiser before we set off to represent our city and country at Burning Man.

19+ Recommended / Accompanied minors allowed with a ticket.”

There are rumors of an afterparty for this insane event too. The event page on Facebook has lots of last minute tickets, outfit inspiration threads, and info about the installations.

Tickets are still available for the event, and you can use code NIKKI at checkout to save on yours.


The Heavy Meta Crew Went To Elements Festival And Documented It All: See The Video Now

Elements Music Festival took place in late may with multiple incredible stages, performers, and people involved. The ‘Fire stage’ featured Canada’s Heavy Meta stage with Jamie of MixedProductions and Oscar Swinks art coming together to document their journey.

The crew, most fresh from Hyperborea, set off to the festival on Thursday and didn’t stop documenting the whole time.

Take a peak at the video here:

Here Is A Trent Garrett Poem To Warm Your Soul In This Cold Weather

Some of you know Trent Garrett from the Disney Channel, some merely know him as the babe dating Cassie Steele, I know him as a poet via Instagram. The weather is atrocious and sometimes we need to warm our souls. This is my most recent favourite dance of words from Garrett:

Where for art all the naked hearts
The ones who love to fight through art
When problems arise they don’t criticize
They paint a boat in a sea that is capsized
They hold missing children with a mother’s arms
And plant seeds of compassion on unsustainable farms
They sing words of love while whispering in deaf ears
Because they pray one day these lost souls will hear
That inner voice who is meant to be a warrior 
And not just here to be the world’s lost currier
I wish to feast with all of you childlike spirits 
At a table, with the lost ones who’s doubt we will smear it
With colour from a rainbow on a mystical timeless day
When the earth bowed deeply to the beasts who got tamed


Canada’s Largest And Favourite Dragon Art Car Brings on Some Heavy Hitters For Whiteout 2.0 Next Month

You may recall, or not I’m not sure what you reserve in your mind as memories, a little party called ‘Whiteout’ last Winter hosted by Heavy Meta and The Ark. Inspired by, yes a real shocker here, a Burning Man tradition, the party took place at the legendary Mod Club in Toronto. Guess what’s back? THIS PARTY. Next month a Winter wonderland of magic and sparkle will be created once again with some big names on the lineup. The Facebook event escription along speaks voumes as what to expect for the massive party (which already has two tiers of tickets sold out):

“A fundraiser for the Heavy Meta dragon art car
White attire requested.

While Persephone’s absence from the mortal realm casts the world into winter doldrums, a great celebration rages in the underworld. Adorned in the brightest and whitest garments, guests bring light to the darkest regions of Hades. Join the good spirits in a tradition as old as time: the white-costumed ball.

Costume suggestions: Winter goddess, sexy yeti, ice giant, arctic fox, snow bunny. At the Mod Club, radically transformed into a winter wonderland.”

As for this insane line up…

SkiiTour (Vancouver, BC) ❄️
We are incredibly excited to bring this Shambhala Music Festival favourite production duo to their biggest show in Toronto yet. After rocking Heavy Meta at Burning Man during the thickest dust storm imaginable, get ready for their huge bass-heavy beats, ridiculous on-stage antics, original production on labels like Fool’s Gold, and collaborations with artists like Marten Hørger and Smalltown DJs. It’s about to get snowy.

Hatiras (Spacedisco Records, Dirtybird) ❄️
Part alien. Part human. Hatiras arrived back in 1999 and has been subconsciously penetrating the world’s ears, hearts and dancefloors with his pulsating, intergalactic house rhythms. Two time Juno award-winning Hatiras played a huge part in Toronto’s rave foundational moments and hasn’t stopped since, now label boss of Spacedisco Records and recently signed to Dirtybird. 

me time (We Met Dancing, Everybody Move) ❄️
She’s the antidote to all that dude-in-a-black-tshirt-smoking-a-cigarette minimal-tech shit. No, this isn’t the music for wall-leaning, drink-sipping, head-bobbing and small talk, this is bass house for booty-shaking, drink-spilling, sweat-dripping, showing off new dance moves, and of course, making it rain all over our favourite dragon. 

Ben Cormier (Heavy Meta) ❄️

Steintology (The Ark Car) ❄️

Tickets are available now for the January 18th event.

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Artist/Heavy Meta Designer Marie Poliak

It’s to the surprise of no one at all as I continue to ramble on about the Toronto art car community with Burning Man creeping up on me at an alarming but totally normal time rate that I introduce this week’s feature. A friend for years, a babe forever, and an inspiration to never give up on art, I had the pleasure of chatting with Marie Poliak. Even with the hard job as the mother of a 19ft tall and 30 ft wide dragon child Poliak took the time to chat with me about art, the latest crowdfunding campaign for Heavy Meta, and Prodigy came up because it’s Marie y’all. Let’s dive right into this all new #TMITuesday interview yeah?


1. Heavy Meta has made many stops during the tour, what has been the most memorable thus far?

Aside from the Burn, the most satisfying appearance was our 6-week engagement with the Toronto Light Fest. Our friends and neighbors could come and see what our community put together, experience the dragon and fire arts performers in an accessible setting right in our own backyard, free of charge! 

2. The second IndieGoGo campaign recently began, what are some of the upgrades and essentials the dragon needs?

Aside from upgrades which include new wings and lighting system, there’s a lot of wear and tear that happens over the course of travel. One of our biggest needs this year is a new generator. That and a much bigger disco ball heart! 

3. Since today is #TMITuesday is there something you can tell the readers about you that they may not already be aware of?

People are often surprised when I tell them I was born on the other side of the planet. I wore a white faux fur coat when I first stepped on Canadian soil at the age of 5 and I don’t think I ever grew out of that look.
Image may contain: 2 people
4. Working in a shared space (The 4tress) allows for many people of many creative and skilled backgrounds to come together. This is one of the reasons so believe shared spaces are so important. What are some of the skills you have learned from others and the shop and what do you offer to the space?
The most recent skill I gained is riveting! Thanks to Jackie Spade and Matt Von Wilde. I think one of my skills is passing on information. If I can learn to do it, there’s nothing to it. You can learn to do it too!

5. What is your ultimate goal for Heavy Meta and the Toronto art car community?

The beauty of art cars is mobility. Once we have a bunch of these big mobile creations, we pick a place, set up, and create a new world for each other to play in. That is the inspiration behind our Metaverse events.
 6. Everyone has a theme song, let’s hear what yours is:
Firestarter by Prodigy. [obviously]

 7. Okay, let’s talk about the future Viking aesthetic of Heavy Meta. What are the must-have items for the look?

Warpaint. Black, white, or red. A few lines on your face will transform any outfit. Clown makeup works too. 😉
8. The dragon is set to depart for it’s second year of Burning Man next month, what does Burning Man mean to you?
Burning Man is a global stage for people from all walks of life to come and experience each others’ creativity. The playa is a canvas and YOU are the paint. 
9. As an artist with a decorated portfolio of achievements and work, is there any medium you would like to dabble in but for some reason haven’t?
I need to buckle down and learn video editing. Modern technology and our accessibility to broadcast ourselves is the tool for limitless reach.

No automatic alt text available.

10. What’s next for you Marie?
I think you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

For more on Heavy Meta follow the journey on Instagram, and to donate to the journey click here. 

Calling All Artists: Figment Toronto Is Looking For your Art

Figment Toronto is a free interactive art event takes place August 18th and 19th in Dufferin Grove Park and you could have a featured piece/performance in it.

Founded in 2007 on New York City’s Governors Island, what began as a few thousand enthusiasts enjoying a handful of participatory art projects on a sunny July afternoon has ballooned into a multi-day, multi-city event that drew over 30,000 participants in NYC, Jackson, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington DC and Boston in 2012.  FIGMENT seeks to continue its mission to offer free, inclusive and participatory art to entire communities, removing the barriers of museum and gallery walls and entrance fees and blurring the lines between those who create and those who enjoy art.

Image result for figment toronto

And this is just my sort of jam, a celebration of art in a community. This year one of the curator’s is a #TMITuesday alumni with Jordan St.Claire on the team. I’ve attended previous Figment Toronto’s where I played a giant game of chess, wandered a small inflatable maze, and heard music made from a Dr. Suess looking bike. It warms my soul to see communities come together to create, and share art. It is in the spirit of Toronto to do so. If you want to be a part of the event click here to see how to contribute your art or performance.

Here’s How You Can DJ On Toronto’s Bounciest Art Car: The Ark

Anything I can jump on, or climb I probably like instantly if we’re being completely honest. The Ark is certainly a thing I can do both with and what a time this is to be alive. You may remember my babbling on about The Ark within posts about previous Heavy Meta presented fundraiser. The Toronto mutant vehicle/art car community is growing quickly and you don’t need to be a tutu-bandana wearing Burner to get involved in the scene. These are makers, creators, and literally just adult crafts that I am HERE FOR.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

So like, the head line wasn’t click bait I promise. The Ark car launched their IndieGoGo campaign and added some dope perks one of which being a chance to DJ on the Ark itself. If you want to contribute you can pick your own perk and help support the Toronto art car community riiiiighhhhtt: here.