Australian Survivor Teases With Tweet

The anticipated new series of Australian Survivor doesn’t quite have a premiere date but a year at least… I am more than certain that there will be some new North American-based crossover fans from the Netflix hit reboot series Heartbreak High who also love reality TV. And they will all be yelling “esshhhaaaayyyy” at theContinue reading “Australian Survivor Teases With Tweet”

#MusicMonday: Artist of the Week

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: AUSSIE RAPPER ALLDAY Yes, yes more international rap. This week’s feature is from down under, where the sun is hot, and the rap is dope (if you pretend Iggy Azalea isn’t a thing). Hailing from Adelaide in South Australia rapper Allday is making his mark in the rap industry and hisContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Artist of the Week”