#FitnessFriday: Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars

Basic b*%tiches unite it’s  time for y’all to invade the menus and grocery aisles everywhere with pumpkin spiced things. I myself am not a pumpkin fan, but I know a lot of you are so I hunted around for a pumpkin  protein bar recipe and found one from Clean Eating ! (Makes 15 bars) Ingredients:Continue reading “#FitnessFriday: Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars”


FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE! Y’all know that means sweater based outfits, crunchy leaves, and probably pumpkin spiced everything ever. Hair: Cute messy bun, the whole “I didn’t even try” look with a twist! Add a cute crown or side braid to the style. Top: Ugly hipster-old man sweaters are great and all, butContinue reading “#OOTD”