Asahd Khaled’s First Birthday Was Better Than Yours I Bet

The mini music mogul and son of hip hop superstar DJ Khaled celebrated his 1st birthday on October 21st and I can pretty much guarantee it was better than any birthday party you have ever had. With P.Diddy hosting the jungle themed birthday party in all it’s lavishness complete with dancers dressed as animals andContinue reading “Asahd Khaled’s First Birthday Was Better Than Yours I Bet”

#CinemaSunday: Bloody Birthday (1981)

I told you Cinema Sunday would be back, and what better day to bring it back than my birthday! With that in mind, this week’s pick reflects a lot of things that I love plus a birthday theme.  A horror-b-movie, ABOUT birthdays? Sold. This week’s pick the 1981 classis “Bloody Birthday”. SINopsis Three really creepyContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Bloody Birthday (1981)”