#MusicMonday: Canadian Duo ‘Command Sisters’ (lyrics NSFW)

With a very grainy and current look of editing for this lyrical video these two sisters mesh together to create an incredible sound. “The sisterly duo—Charlotte and Sarah Command—turn life’s ups and downs into eloquent and entrancing alternative underpinned by live instrumentation and bold production. From music to fashion, the Toronto band make a statementContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Canadian Duo ‘Command Sisters’ (lyrics NSFW)”

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Yo Fam! Star And Director Alexandria Benoit

I don’t think I could even imagine being a teenager now, I mean I’ve pretended to be one for film and TV but everything is f*cked now. Canadian director and actress Alexandria Benoit has helped to create a look into a subculture for youth that doesn’t have nearly as much exposure as it deserves. AContinue reading “#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Yo Fam! Star And Director Alexandria Benoit”

#TBT: Keisha Chante Was The Canadian Hip-Hop Avril Lavigne TBH

The early 2000’s was a weird time for fashion, and the key time for R’n’B as artists emerged to try to keep up with 90’s like-minded icons such as Toni Braxton, Monica, and Brandy.  With heavy hitters like Aaliyah it was only natural for Canada to produce an R’n’B princess and that is how weContinue reading “#TBT: Keisha Chante Was The Canadian Hip-Hop Avril Lavigne TBH”

Heavy Meta Set To Cause A ‘White Out’ In 2018

With the new year just around the corner (seriously let’s just get thought these goddamn holidays) I’m already thinking about the parties in 2018. Everyone’s favourite fire breathing dragon sound stage-art car Heavy Meta is teaming up with a fellow Canadian art car to take over The Mod Club in January. “A fundraiser for TheContinue reading “Heavy Meta Set To Cause A ‘White Out’ In 2018”