#TuesdayTune: Summer Feels In December

I truly believe that the only good thing about Winter is snow, so all the seasonal depression, holidays, and bitter cold air (I live in Canada okay.) is SNOW. The fluffy white packing snow that acts as nature’s pillow and ice pack. Two key elements to surviving Winter, especially a snow-less one, is vitamin DContinue reading “#TuesdayTune: Summer Feels In December”

Carlson Young Teases At A New Project

MTV pulled another Finding Carter on us with the ending of Scream leaving no answers on who the accomplice(s) were. I’m still mad we got left on read with Finding Carter so doing this with Scream was a real kick in the face. What we did get from MTV/Netflix weekly’s Scream was megababe Carlson YoungContinue reading “Carlson Young Teases At A New Project”

Carlson Young Got Married This Past Weekend And It was F*cking Beautiful

The MTV’s Scream alumni who played Queen Bee ‘Brooke Maddox’, Carlson Young got married this weekend and not only was the wedding gorgeous but it was stacked with fellow Scream castmates. Young married Foster The People’s Isom Innis in Texas this past weekend, in attendance from the MTV Scream family included: Bex Taylor-Klaus (aka AudreyContinue reading “Carlson Young Got Married This Past Weekend And It was F*cking Beautiful”