Usher Allegedly Used Fake Money At A Las Vegas Strip Club

oh…oh no.

Music Legend Tom Petty Passed Away At Age 66 Today

EDIT: It has not yet been confirmed, reports speculate he may still be alive I was raised on a solid variety of classic rock, glam, metal, a sprinkle of rap and pop music by Pops. My dad was always my biggest musical influence so when he introduced me to Tom Petty at a young ageContinue reading “Music Legend Tom Petty Passed Away At Age 66 Today”

Happy Birthday Ehren Kassam!

The actor and musician turns 20 today! Prepping this post reminded me of two things: 1. I met Ehren because of my retail work 2. I used to have blue and black hair like Nikki Gould but merely by coincidence so I had to change my Twitter bio to “not that chick from Degrassi” becauseContinue reading “Happy Birthday Ehren Kassam!”

March On Nasty Women: Celebrities At The Women’s March

“wom·en’s rights noun unpunctuated: womens rights rights that promote a position of legal and social equality of women with men.” Today marked a day in history with marches for women happening in multiple cities with one common goal: equal rights. A whole lot of celebrities made their mark at the marches  utilizing their star power,Continue reading “March On Nasty Women: Celebrities At The Women’s March”

#BeautyBit: Celebrity Bangs

Most women learn early on if bangs are for them, such as myself where I tend to look like Hannah Montana and it is NOT the best of either worlds. But a lot of celebrities are taking the fringey plunge and going for it. Some are risk-taking with the actual cut where some are rockingContinue reading “#BeautyBit: Celebrity Bangs”