D*ck Or No D*ck Brings D*cks To The Bovine Tonight

Oh damn, here’s an event to heat up our icy city of Toronto! The DOND crew is back for another wrestling themed night of d*cks and debauchery. “THE GLOVES ARE OFF AND THE D!CKS ARE OUT! Last time on D!ck or No D!ck we saw the meteoric rise of a new people’s champion, the humiliatingContinue reading “D*ck Or No D*ck Brings D*cks To The Bovine Tonight”

Kreayshawn Raps About D*cks And I’m Here For It

Gucci Gucci herself aka KJ DREAYSHAWN aka Kreayshawn dropped a new track just in time for a last minute installment of D*ck or No D*ck at Bovine in Toronto on December 6th. But seriously, how can I get together with Kreayshawn for a track, we could call it 22 D*cks?   https://soundcloud.com/kjdollarsign/21-dicks-produced-by-djtwostacks 

D*ck Or No D*ck Gets Spoopy Tonight At Bovine

The sixth installment of the popular bar game “D*ck Or No D*ck” is taking over Bovine  Sex Club again tonight. Come scream along with us at Dick or No Dick’s most TERRIFYING night ever. Doomed contestants stumble their way through the dark Craigslist underworld, desperately guessing which horrors lie waiting around every corner. Is itContinue reading “D*ck Or No D*ck Gets Spoopy Tonight At Bovine”