#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Night Serum

Many serums can cost upwards of 50 dollars and contain so many horrid chemicals!

#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Lavendar-Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Maybe it’s because I like to pretend I’m boujee, maybe it’s because I’m constantly panicking and it is soothing but I love lavender. It sounds super hipster but lavender lemonade, cocktails, lotions, and all that jazz are my jimmy jam. This 2 ingredient mask is simple to make, and use. It is ideal for damaged,Continue reading “#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Lavendar-Coconut Oil Hair Mask”

#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Mud Mask

Winter is so harsh on your skin, and with the holidays wrapping up (pun TOTALLY intended) I find my skin is unhappy with me after piling so much make up on for all those parties. I am under the firm belief as well that a mask can fix almost anything, and typically sheet masks areContinue reading “#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Mud Mask”

#BeautyOnABudget: Instagram Fall Giveaway

In celebration of Fall, and just because why tf not, I’m in the midst of a beauty goodie bag giveaway on Instagram! The prize pack includes a cosmetic bag filled with products and samples from: Essence, Clairins, and more! All you have to do is click on the image below,  be following me on Instagram,Continue reading “#BeautyOnABudget: Instagram Fall Giveaway”

DIY Of The Day: Lucky Charms Cookies

I’m going to put it out there: unless I’m making tacos my DIY skills are garbage. Pintrest fail SubReddit worthy but luckily there are people in the world who are far better at crafts, baking, and cooking than I am. Vlogger Naomi Elle dropped this video yesterday to make your own Lucky  Charms cookies (KylieContinue reading “DIY Of The Day: Lucky Charms Cookies”

#FitnessFriday: Healthy Banana-PB-Choco Pops

It’s hot, shorts are shorter than ever and a Popsicle is really what you want to keep cool (or ice-cream but laco-free folk should avoid tbh). One of the issues with Summer treats is the sugar content luckily for y’all I have decided to share of of my favorite DIY treat recipes with you! WhatContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: Healthy Banana-PB-Choco Pops”