Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams’ Tweet About ‘That Scene’ And It Was Everything

If anyone you know is talking about anything other than Game Of Thrones you need to find a new social circle I guess? The most recent episode had a shocking scene with young Maisie Williams getting a sex scene. In typical Williams fashion she had a good spirit about it all.

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#TBT: Iwan Rheon Serenades Me (Yes, Just Me And No One Else)

Misfits, and Game Of Thrones star Iwan Rheon is a beloved UK actor who first stole my heart on E4’s ‘Misfits‘. Essentially ‘Misfits‘ was Skins meets Heroes and although I finished the series it really lost it’s spunk in season 4 to be perfectly honest. Like most Englishmen Rheon can sing and paired with an acoustic guitar I am hooked. This song is just about 5 years old but I’m now hoping for a Rheon x Styles mash-up album.

Heavy Meta Brings The Heat To World Maker Faire In New York

As if it weren’t hot enough in New York last weekend the team behind Heavy Meta brought more heat with the fire breathing dragon art car fresh/still dusty from Burning Man.

Seriously it was so dang hot and Fall just started.

Okay so what the heck is Maker Faire you ask? I’ll assume you asked. In summary the event is a giant show and tell with sprinkles of a county fair, science fair and all fun.
This is not the dragon’s first Maker Faire appearance of course, a few months back the art car was set up at the Detroit edition of the unique science event. Heavy Meta was invited to New York for World Maker Faire to come together as creators, meet other makers, and apparently scare the sh*t out of kids with fire.

FUN FACT: The fire system is female created, and run.

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The two day event which took place at the New York Hall Of Science also featured La Machine, a Starburst gifting Kermit, and swarms of curious children ready to become makers themselves (seen below: Heavy Meta team member Matt Von Wilde showing his creations to mini makers)

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Next up in the Heavy Meta Maker Faire tour is Pittsburgh,PA on October 14th and 15th!

No One Cares: The Top Sh*t We Post About That No One Wants To See

We live in a digital world, one where everyone believes someone out there cares what they have to say, or what they did that day. And yes, it can be fantastic, the tiny satisfaction I get out of subtweeting about someone who doesn’t even use Twitter alone is great. Here’s the thing though, the general population doesn’t give a sh*t. It’ not just millennials obsessed with documenting their entire lives either, Aunt Jane I see you posting about your weekend with the girls, high school teacher who I added after graduation I see your travel photos. The truth is there are posts we all make that people just don’t care about, but we can’t stop (I’m sure we could if we put real effort into doing so…). Here are the top things we think people care about, and yes I am guilty of some of these posts:

1. You’re “dating your best friend”

Yeah I went real bitter, real quickly deal with it. Lovely, you have found someone you care for, but no one cares that your partner is also your best friend.

2. What you ate/cooked

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I’m guilty of this one for sure. We all know that no one cares what we ate but we just can’t help but post a well presented photo. #sorrynotsorry

3. Your baby

You all knew this would make the list, please post pet photos instead.

4. Your relationship drama

Not only is this annoying, but its unfair to your partner to air your dirty laundry like that.

5. Minion Memes

Just stop. Its only acceptable for parents, imo.

No, I will not post one.

6. Game of Thrones spoilers

Granted, I don’t watch the show (I PROMISE TO WATCH SOON OK DAMN). But I grow tiresome of seeing fan theories as Facebook statuses. Have a viewing party at a friends and discuss it there damn.

7. Things that bother you that other people post

If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. The unfollow button is there for a reason.

I should take my own advice I suppose.

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#MusicMonday: Artist Of The Week

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Singer Iwan Rheon

Starting on a soap opera at the age of 17, Welsh actor Iwan Rheon began his career strictly as an actor. Following that Rheon moved on to perform in the Tony award winning rock-musical Spring Awakening.

Iwan Rheon, Dinard album release

Best known now for his time on BAFTA winner Misfits, and of course on Game of Thrones.

…I cant dance. I’m no triple threat” Iwan stated in an interview in 2015; But boy can the 30 year old sing.

Iwan Rheon has now released 3 EPs and his debut album earlier last year.