It’s October And It’s Time To Get SPOOPY

It’s the mooosssttt wonderfullll timmmeee of the yeaaaaaar! I love Halloween, I love candy, I love horror movies, and I love spooky stuff. Get ready for a month full of Cinema Sunday posts, and me revving up for my favorite holiday.


#CinemaSunday: Night Of The Creeps (1986)


I told you #CinemaSunday was back for a limited time in celebration of the greatest holiday: HALLOWEEN. Like any normal person, I started my spoopy movie marathons in September and came across this classic. Let’s get the 2018 Cinema Sunday season started with Night Of The Creeps. (Thanks Brian).


GENRE: Horror/Sci-Fi

In a feeble attempt to get his friend laid two friends pledge to a fraternity. When part of the hazing includes a prank involving a dead body the two dweebs unleash killer-aline-slugs onto campus.


The opening of the film begins in the 50’s and if you know me you know how happy that makes me. I like the film with the idea that it was a drive-in movie so it’s got that niche fun to it.


5 seasons of Skins (UK) out of 7

Who should watch this? 

Bhad Bhabie
your boss
anyone named William who called themselves ‘Billy’ through childhood
the yodeling kid


Stranger Things Season 2 Hits Netflix Today: RIP Weekend

Not everyone likes to go out for Halloween, I get that. There’s always a handful of folk who want to sit in and watch horror movies (which is totally cool tbh). But fans of Stranger Things like myself are going to make quite the decision this weekend with the second season on Net

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

What happened to Barb? (SHE’S DEAD OKAY, SHE BECAME ETHEL ON RIVERDALE). Is Will okay after being trapped for an entire season? Did the fam get new Christmas lights? GET YOUR EGGOS READY TO FIND OUT.

After the insane success of the first season of the show I’m anticipating another incredible story line and cast performance. My plan: party all weekend, and binge the whole season on Sunday.

A Hot Show Indeed: Prozzäk, Destiny And Heavy Meta Get Freaky For Halloween

Funny enough this is my 666th post on, and what better to write about than a Halloween party yeah? If there are two things the internet loves in October it is spoopy activities, and 90’s nostalgia (also pumpkin spiced bs but whatever).
Destiny has been bringing drum ‘n’ bass events to life for well over a decade, for so long now that even baby raver Nikki went to a ton of their parties. Even more baby Nikki grew up in the 90’s listening to Prozzäk and on October 28th at 401 Mini Indy all of those things will be combined PLUS HEAVY META.

Image may contain: text

This line up is bananas too:








With Support From:


Heavy Meta will have all it’s tricks and treats with a full sound stage, viking babes and flame effects. Plus all other attractions including Go Karts, a massive professional haunted house AND glow-in-the-dark mini golf will be open! You can cop your tickets herehere, and come party with me!

MTV’s Scream The TV Series 2 Hour Halloween Special Hits MTV Tonight

Disclaimer: If you have yet to finished season 2 of Scream on MTV/Netflix this post will spoil the end of it, and so will the Halloween special.

Well now that we got rid of the squares who HAVEN’T finished season 2 we can fangirl/boy/cheer for tonight’s Halloween special.

Image result for scream tv series happy GIF

According to the description on MTV, the 2 hour long ‘episode’ will take place eight months after Kieran (played by Amadeus Serafini also I warned you this would be spoiler) is arrested and Emma is having trouble dealing with it all, like usual.
Meanwhile my babies, “Noah and Stavo have combined forces to create a best-selling graphic novel based on the Kieran Wilcox murders and Audrey is in a new relationship.”

The group of Lakewood survivors make the smart choice to stay on island which in similarity to Lakewood has a lot of murder history. Rumours of an appearance of Brandon James have surfaced among fans and I’m excited. Can we also have a replay of crazy Brooke? The special debuts tonight at 9pm on MTV (hopefully hitting Netflix the following day), you can tweet along, and play my Scream Drinking Game!


#CinemaSunday: Halloween Ressurection (2002)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN HANGOVER! I’m certain you’re either:

buried in a shameful pile of candy wrappers
just returning home from a costumed walk of fame (AIN’T NO SHAME)
hungover af
or picking through your child’s candy for “safety” aka getting all your favs

No matter the case, I have you covered as always for a horror film to soothe your Sunday blues. I had to choose something very themed, obviously, and this week’s pick is a classic (which yes is weird to say about a film from ’02 but lets face it, we’re old now ok).
Halloween: Ressurection stars some of the early 2000s biggest stars including Busta Rhymes, and Tyra Banks, and never fails to get me in the spoopy spirit.


 Genre:  Horror/Slasher/Classic

The Halloween film series spans across 10+ films (including remakes, Rob Zombie baby I see you), this one is one of my all time favourites. Co-written by horror legend John Carpenter, Halloween: Resurrection tells the story of a cast of a reality show getting killed off.

Pausing for unnecessary comments about someone killing the Kardashians (I’m a doll fan ok)

The twist? The show is being filmed in the old Myers’ home in Haddenfield, uh oh.

Fun Fact:  Jamie Lee Curtis ironically stars as the dean in Ryan Murphy’s Fox hit TV series ‘Scream Queens’


I’m a huge Busta fan, seeing him in a horror movie is pretty much all I need in life lets be honest.


9.5 Tyra yelling at a model GIFs of out 10

who should watch this

your bff
Tiffany from ANTM (be quiet)
anyone named Dirk
Sherri Moon Zombie