#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV’s Jemmye Carroll

“I think a lot of people assume I am a mean girl because I do throw shade in my interviews, but I see those interviews/confessionals as my platform/opportunity to be expressive(similar to a comedian on stage), so I think the biggest misunderstanding about me(especially this season) is that I’m a real-life mean girl, when in reality, I am the furthest thing from that. People that know me will tell you I am the friendliest/nicest person you will meet and just because I am occasionally shady on a REALITY TV show doesn’t mean that’s how I am in my real life.”

MTV Star Jemmye Carroll Donates School Supplies Through Amazon And Encourages You To Do The Same

You may know Jemmye as a ketchup fearing-wine loving-shade queen-badass on MTV’s The Challenge but she’s so much more than that