Justin Bieber Announces ‘Changes’ Track List

There may be a lot of news about Canadian artist Justin Bieber lately (Lyme disease, drug use etc) but the news of his new album are 100% true. The album ‘Changes’ drops Feb. 14th and contains the following tracks: All Around Me Habitual Come Around Me Intentions (ft. Quavo) Yummy Available  Forever (ft. Post MaloneContinue reading “Justin Bieber Announces ‘Changes’ Track List”

Is The New DJ Khaled Song Featuring Justin Bieber,Quavo & Chance The Rapper Your Summer Song?

Is it too soon to be establishing a Summer ’17 track? It IS only May, but this song is already stuck in my head less than 2 weeks after it’s release. What do you think?

#MusicMonday: SIFxSKAE Take On Justin Bieber’s Cold Water

Canadian talent on Canadian talent, covering Canadian talent to distract you from the disaster that is the American presidential election. Rapper Deph Naught aka SIF, a former #TMITuesday feature, and bromantic partner Lane Dorsey (another former #TMITuesday feature) dropped the first of their newest project together. Check out their cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Cold Water’Continue reading “#MusicMonday: SIFxSKAE Take On Justin Bieber’s Cold Water”

#FreemanFriday: Watch Morgan Freeman Dramatically Read A Justin Bieber Song

I mean, what could Morgan Freeman do that isn’t amazing? The legendary actor lent his sultry voice to dramatically read the lyrics to “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, who just turned 22, for Vanity Fair this week. And it is nothing short of amazing, watch it here: Happy belated Biebs.