Kreayshawn Lays In All Out In Her Newest Track on Sexual Abuse ‘Bouta’

Rapper, DJ and superstar mom to Desi Kreayshawn released a video for her freestyle track regarding the years of sexual abuse and rape she has experienced. The description of the video gets into some details but the artist used her music to express it all. YAASSS QUEEN KREAY YAAASSSSSS.

Kreayshawn Raps About D*cks And I’m Here For It

Gucci Gucci herself aka KJ DREAYSHAWN aka Kreayshawn dropped a new track just in time for a last minute installment of D*ck or No D*ck at Bovine in Toronto on December 6th. But seriously, how can I get together with Kreayshawn for a track, we could call it 22 D*cks?