It’s Mean Girls Day So You’d Better Watch It Today

It’s also National Boyfriend Day so do a nice thing for your man. Today is the day Kady told Aaron what day it was, and we should honor that. But not by watching Mean Girls 2 because its trash.


Don’t @ Me Unless It’s About Ariana Grande’s Video For ‘Thank U, Next’

Twitter is justifiably buzzing right now with the premiere of Ariana Grande’s music video for her #1 track ‘Thank U, Next”. Celebrities are tweeting non-stop about the video including Mark Ruffalo, most of the cast of MTV’s The Challenge, and Chloe x Halle. The video features a roster of cameos like BFF’s Victoria Monet, Liz Gilles, Troy Sivan, and Matt Bennett. But I think the best cast cameo performance is from Momager Kris Jenner, who plays Mrs.George. That’s right, as in Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls; The video pays homage to films with strong female leads like Bring It On, Legally Blonde and Mean Girls. 
The video dropped an hour ago and I alone have watched it 7 times already, and will continue to have it on replay. Celebrities are tweeting non-stop about the video including Mark Ruffalo.

Bad Girls Club: 10 of TV’s Top Mean Girls

For decades the “mean girl” stereotype has ruled the television school world pulling horrible pranks, being the queen of popularity, getting the guy, and making us all root for the underdog in the situation. Here’s a list of some of my favourite TV Mean Girls throughout the years:

Kate Saunders: Lizzie McGuire

Just because you got a bra before Lizzie doesn’t make it okay to bully her KATE.

Blair  Waldorf: Gossip Girl

Blair is one of those rare TV mean girl who you grow to love and root for

Amber & Ashley: Hannah Montana

A team of haters, but haters are always lowkey fans.

Kristin Cavallari: Laguna Beach/The Hills

From Laguna, to Cabo (but what happens there stays there yeah?), to The Hills Kristin really made an effort to be Lauren’s enemy.

The Ashleys: Recess

The name Ashley sure seems to be a TV mean girl name, the Ashleys always had it out for our girl Spinelli too

Nicole Julian: Popular

Some of us are still holding out for a Popular season 2, but Nicole showed us that you can be surrounded by people who want to change and still be total a bi*ch as long as you have Mary Cherry by your side.

Zoë Rivas

Zoe is one of those characters whos behavior of destruction is explained by the horror she goes through during her time on the series (which is on going). But damn is she good at being bad.

Naomi Clark: 90210

This is one mean girl I liked from episode one, but you could find yourself cringing at her choice and bullying still.

Alison DiLaurentis: Pretty Little Liars

To be fair, karma sure gets Alison for like 6 seasons now…

Cordelia Chase: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel

“God, what is your childhood trauma!?”

Ok not all mean girls are blonde, just most of them…


#CinemaSunday: See No Evil (2006)

This week’s horror pick for Cinema Sunday happens to star a women you may know from the Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls), and Jamie Lee Curtis (most recently, Scream Queens) hit “Freak Friday”. Don’t let that Disney attachment fool you, this pick gets slasher-y. Check out See No Evil:


 Genre:  Horror/Slasher

When I first read the plot to this film it made me want to rewatch Misfits about 8 times, as it tells the story of a group of young offenders forced to clean up a dingy hotel.
The hotel happens to already be inhabited by serial killer Jacob Goodnight, who isn’t too pleased to have guests enter the establishment.


Fun Fact: The film spawned a sequel directed by GSN’s Hellevator creators The Soska Sisters


Y’all know I love a good slasher flick, and this one may have some campy, cheesy parts to it but I really enjoy it. As a WWF(before it was the WWE) fan growing up, seeing Kane as a horror movie star makes me way too happy.


8  of the cast of Misfits out of 10

who should watch this

your bff
Lindsay Lohan

Your friend Sara (not the one with the h on the end)