#TBT: Iwan Rheon Serenades Me (Yes, Just Me And No One Else)

Misfits, and Game Of Thrones star Iwan Rheon is a beloved UK actor who first stole my heart on E4’s ‘Misfits‘. Essentially ‘Misfits‘ was Skins meets Heroes and although I finished the series it really lost it’s spunk in season 4 to be perfectly honest. Like most Englishmen Rheon can sing and paired with an acousticContinue reading “#TBT: Iwan Rheon Serenades Me (Yes, Just Me And No One Else)”

#MusicMonday: Artist Of The Week

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Singer Iwan Rheon Starting on a soap opera at the age of 17, Welsh actor Iwan Rheon began his career strictly as an actor. Following that Rheon moved on to perform in the Tony award winning rock-musical Spring Awakening. Best known now for his time on BAFTA winner Misfits, and ofContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Artist Of The Week”