If you ever see me working with headphones on I am likely bopping along to rap. Roddy Rackzz raps with poise and urgency. Hailing from West Baltimore, the 24-year-old brings the grittiness of his city to his warm sing-raps, emphasizing sincerity and storytelling in solemn hits like “Never Enough.” Over the last few years, he’sContinue reading “RODDY RACKZZ Drops “REALEST RICHEST YOUNGIN (REMIX) FEAT. PEEZY” Via Def Jam (Watch Here)”

#MusicMonday: Canadian Duo ‘Command Sisters’ (lyrics NSFW)

With a very grainy and current look of editing for this lyrical video these two sisters mesh together to create an incredible sound. “The sisterly duo—Charlotte and Sarah Command—turn life’s ups and downs into eloquent and entrancing alternative underpinned by live instrumentation and bold production. From music to fashion, the Toronto band make a statementContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Canadian Duo ‘Command Sisters’ (lyrics NSFW)”

A Little ‘Future Island’ For Your Friday Afternoon

I knew that the minute MGG told me to watch this video that I would love this song and fall in love with the visuals of this video. Future Island hails from Baltimore and creates beautiful and wavy synthpop guaranteed to make you feel like the main character when listening. The latest video from theContinue reading “A Little ‘Future Island’ For Your Friday Afternoon”