Toronto Is Getting A New Music Festival Next Month That Will Make Your Booty Shake

Toronto’s dance music community brightened up when Dj’s metime and Danny Thrax brought EveryBody move to Round in Kensington Market.This Summer, the team behind the inclusive dance parties is bringing the city a new party. Check out this message from them: “We can’t keep it a secret any longer…. WE’RE THROWING A FESTIVAL! 🎉That’s right,Continue reading “Toronto Is Getting A New Music Festival Next Month That Will Make Your Booty Shake”

The Anxiety Diaries Volume 8: Musical Influence

Music is truly one of the most powerful things in existence. It has the power to move your body, soul and mind and it plays a very large role in my life. I, of course, have no musical talent whatsoever (unless you include my ability memorize rap lyrics) but that doesn’t mean my musical consumptionContinue reading “The Anxiety Diaries Volume 8: Musical Influence”

What To Expect At Eden This Saturday

Toronto’s art car community is BOOMING there is so much creativity and love flowing with The 4Tress (home to Heavy Meta, The Ark Car, and Tarna). This Saturday Revival in Toronto will be transformed into an enchanted world. You can expect a plethora of insane costumes of vines, flowers, and forbidden fruit. The deco asContinue reading “What To Expect At Eden This Saturday”

#MusicMonday: El verano se está calentando con nueva música

I’m sure it seems as though I like writing about how nice the weather is just as much as I like going outside to enjoy it. Much like my high school days in the Summer with all soca parties, I see a reboot of that with Latin made/inspired music. We’re all still pretty sick ofContinue reading “#MusicMonday: El verano se está calentando con nueva música”