This Thanksgiving Weekend I Am Thankful For New Harry Styles’ Music TBH

For me there are genres of music and then there are Nikki genres. One of my favourite Nikki genres is “dance and spin in your room like a fool” and Harry Styles has blessed us all with a banger for this category. “Lights Up” questions knowing who you are when the lights are on and everyone can see you.
The video, released not even 12 hours ago, shows Styles dancing with women and men and Stan Twitter is all over this with it being Coming Out Day. It has a warm tone visually and the sound had me shuffling my shoulders all silly like.

This new track seems on par with the musical progression of the former One Direction member since his freshman solo release in 2017 (I am currently BLASTING that album and feeling all the feels.). Strangely enough Halsey (who released Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in 2017) seems to be mirroring this progression (and vice versa with Harry to Halsey) with her new album Mania. All my 2017 feels from the year and these albums appeared to have grown like these artist’s music. Poetic or human nature?

What were you listening to in 2017? What do you think of the new Harry Styles song? Let me know in the comments.


Canadian Pop Punk Royalty Sum 41 Dropped A New Album

I’m sure, for most, the #1 played album this weekend will be the Beyoncè curated ‘Lion King‘ soundtrack. I’ll be honest I preferred the Black Panther OST from Kendrick Lamar.

But also released this past weekend was ‘Order In Decline‘ by Sum 41. If you’re not a 90’s baby or pop punk lover you’ll probably just know them as the soundtrack to the sexually charged American Pie films.

The Canadian band released this 10 track album with little to no hype about it online. I merely discovered it in recommended new albums on Spotify.

My personal favorite track after 3 listens of the album in it’s entirety is ’45 (a matter of time).’ Choose yours:

Rapper Ashley All Day Has New Music And That’s All My Speakers Need This Weekend TBH

If we’re talking about rappers that people are sleeping on then Ashley All Day is in the top 3, or my top 3 at least. The Bay rapper has been working hard on this new music and posting some serious teasers on her social media but it’s finally here. The latest from the (sort of) new mom includes collabs with Lil Debbie and Bella Thorne.

#MusicMonday: Rapzkallion Drops Some Funk to Make Your Monday Feel Like A Friday

It may be a long weekend here in Canada but it’s a dreary Monday back to work for many others. Released just one week ago this banger from Canadian DJ/ producer, and Heavy Meta resident Rapzkallion is just the thing to make it feel like the weekend. I wouldn’t recommend tequila shots at 7am before you go to the office though…

A New Album And Music Video Via Arctic Monkeys To Add To Your Personal Summer Soundtrack

I immensely enjoy witnessing my friends get excited about new music and this past weekend that occurred with the release of the latest album from indie babies Arctic Monkeys. ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino‘ is the 6th album from the Sheffield born band and their first in 5 years. Based on my initial listening of the album as I walked down King St. W yesterday with a sky half flooded with dark clouds and the other occupied by the sun I found the album to be very cinematic.
The first track release ‘Four Out Of Five’ is exactly the type of sounds I would expect to hear during the slow killing of a character in a Tarantino film.
There seem to be some interesting opinions on Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino with Oasis’ Noel Gallagher calling the new project  “experimental” but said experimental is “not really what you expect from the Arctic Monkeys.” The Champagne Supernova artist went on to say: ““No, you’d expect a few choruses. [It] hasn’t got any of them,” as stated on Another fan commented on the first music video from the album with “Stanley Kubrick meets the Monkeys! This is a gem“.

I can hear this song and feel the wind in my hair as I drive through the desert. I’ve never done that but I FEEL LIKE I AM DOING IT WHILE LISTENING.

We live in a time when we are spoiled with so much access to new and exciting music. I’m thankful for that, thanks to the internet. Laura Barton said in 2005, and I believe it to still be true that “Arctic Monkeys were heralded as one of the first bands to come to public attention via the Internet, with commentators suggesting they represented the possibility of a change in the way in which new bands are promoted and marketed”. Social media while helpful to let the public know you have a new project is also a platform that is easy to get lost in. What do you think of the album? How did you hear about it?