#TBT: ASAP Mob & Flatbush Zombies With A NSFW Throwback Track

This is certainly a track I’ll have blasting in my headphones at any point in time. Released 8 years ago by two of New York’s best rap groups this song STILL SLAPS. Granted, I would refrain from bumping this around children or say…your boss?

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Jemmye Carroll

I swear I listen when you request interviewees to me on Twitter and there was an abundance of Jemmye requests. It’s always a treat for me to be able to interview women I admire. This strong af queen first hit our screens on The Real World: NOLA and has since made her return to TheContinue reading “#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Jemmye Carroll”

Bushwick Hipsters Trading Weed And Booze On ‘Bunz’ App

More like BUDZ Trading Zone, amirite? Okay so I suppose some of you are wondering what Bunz is so allow me to break it down for you: It is essentially a bartering zone that seemed to originate on Facebook an eventually make it’s way into an app. You can post items you want to tradeContinue reading “Bushwick Hipsters Trading Weed And Booze On ‘Bunz’ App”

Summer Sixteen: Enter The P Muna x Nikki Sin 16 Bar Verse Contest

MTV’s AYTO star Prosper Muna is not only a Monday night heartthrob (seriously did y’all just see him on AYTO, damn.) but also a talented artist. The rapper is ready to collaborate with upcoming talent in an all new contest dropping TONIGHT at 11:30pm! P.Muna with the help of Nikki Sin present: Demolition featuring YOU!Continue reading “Summer Sixteen: Enter The P Muna x Nikki Sin 16 Bar Verse Contest”

Oh Deer! North American Sensations DeerTeamSix Takes Over!

The Toronto Blue Jays aren’t the only team taking over the 6ix;  Deer Team Six is a collective of famous artists, models and performers from around North America. From LA to Toronto the eclectic group of does are making their mark one hoof at a time.  The group of unique antler dawning icons seem to bring theContinue reading “Oh Deer! North American Sensations DeerTeamSix Takes Over!”