What fresh hell is this?!  Become Chanel #whatevernumberyouwant in this week’s #OOTD,                                                                                Dress: A Chanel has to […]

Kanye is always busy, whether he’s announcing his presidential plans, being a father, making innovative new music and […]

Why can’t female Whovians be fashionable too? This week’s outfit of the day is inspired by Doctor Who. […]

FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE! Y’all know that means sweater based outfits, crunchy leaves, and probably pumpkin […]

You didn’t think I’d skip a back-to-school OOTD opportunity did you? Hair: I wanted to choose something simple […]

Yeah, yeah another Deph Naught pun, and I’m stretching a bit here with this week’s OOTD.  But just […]

Today’s OOTD is inspired by rapper and all around bad bitch Lil Debbie. Hair/Make Up: For this Queen […]