This week’s #MCM is not only Canadian but has a sketch comedy series in the works, and happens to be Degrassi alumni. In addition he is a former #TMITuesday feature interviewee! (you can check out the interview here) I also sometimes pretend we’re Twitter BFFs, Raymond Ablack ladies & gentlemen! For more info on hisContinue reading “#MCM”

O’Brother, O’Laughter: Canadian Sketch Comedy Series Needs Your Help

One of the keys to a solid sketch comedy team is chemistry, and Canadian sketch  comedy group O’Brother has the BFF thing on lock. The comedy crew, which is made up of: Raymond, Dalmar  (both former #TMITuesday features), Shane, and Mike are in the midst of creating a new webseries and need your help viaContinue reading “O’Brother, O’Laughter: Canadian Sketch Comedy Series Needs Your Help”