I Tried The BabeBox Make Up Subscription And Here Is What I Found

Like any normal depressed person with an internet connection and a credit card I find myself ordering things I don’t need online all the time. In relation to that, I’m a sucker for coupon codes. Use the Honey extension (am I a famous creator with a Honey code? No.) I found a code for aContinue reading “I Tried The BabeBox Make Up Subscription And Here Is What I Found”

#CinemaSunday: Most Likely To Die (2016)

Intro Okay, okay I should have been doing Cinema Sunday all of October for Halloween, I’m sorry. For some of us, horror is year-round though so I think it’ll all be okay. I’m back with a 2016 horror b-movie with a familiar face in it that you would not expect to see. My choice thisContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Most Likely To Die (2016)”

#CinemaSunday: The Neon Demon (2016)

Intro WINTER IS COMING. But so is Fall, which in comparison is better in all aspects. 1. SWEATER WEATHER 2. No guilty feeling for staying in on your day off thinking you wasted the sunny day indoors 3. It means horror Christmas aka Halloween is approaching. This means a plethora of content for #CinemaSunday andContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: The Neon Demon (2016)”

#CinemaSunday: Contracted (2013)

. While she believes she contracted an STI she instead picked up something far, far worse…Intro I told y’all I was back! This week’s pick gets all sorts of strange, and well..detailed. 2013 was a pretty solid year for disturbing horror films and this week’s pick is no different with ‘Contracted‘. Sinopsis GENRE: Horror/Thriller/STI WarningContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Contracted (2013)”

#CinemaSunday: Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013)

It’s fantastic to see a horror film doing well in the box office around Christmas, and Krampus is doing better than I anticipated. Although the new Krampus has a B-movie feel to it, it’s not as low budget as this week’s festive flick: Krampus: The Christmas Devil. SINOPSIS  Genre:  Horror/Holiday Police officer Jeremy has aContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013)”

#CinemaSunday: Halloween Ressurection (2002)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN HANGOVER! I’m certain you’re either: buried in a shameful pile of candy wrappers just returning home from a costumed walk of fame (AIN’T NO SHAME) hungover af or picking through your child’s candy for “safety” aka getting all your favs No matter the case, I have you covered as always for a horrorContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Halloween Ressurection (2002)”

#CinemaSunday: See No Evil (2006)

This week’s horror pick for Cinema Sunday happens to star a women you may know from the Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls), and Jamie Lee Curtis (most recently, Scream Queens) hit “Freak Friday”. Don’t let that Disney attachment fool you, this pick gets slasher-y. Check out See No Evil: SINOPSIS  Genre:  Horror/Slasher When I first readContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: See No Evil (2006)”

#CinemaSunday: Bunnyman Massacre (2011)

I’m often asked where I find my picks for Cinema Sunday, and the truth is I find them pretty much everywhere. This week’s pick was found in the bargain bin at a department store but boy is it an absolute GEM. Continuing with my month of horror,  I bring you: BUNNYMAN MASSACRE. SINOPSIS  Genre:  Horror/SlasherContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Bunnyman Massacre (2011)”

#CinemaSunday: Burying The Ex (2015)

Is there an advent calendar type deal for Halloween? There should be. Week 2 of the biggest, and best month for horror films and this week I went for something a little lighter. Horror-Comedy films can either be really good, or absolutely terrible, take a look at this week’s pick Burying The Ex: SINOPSIS  Genre: Continue reading “#CinemaSunday: Burying The Ex (2015)”