#MusicMonday: Ella Mai Is An R’n’B Goddess IMO

This is one of those dance with someone in a kitchen type song. The type of track you hum while walking and think back to moments of happiness. If I’m being honest, I thought after the release of ‘Boo’d Up’ that Mai would be a one hit wonder but this is a track that keepsContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Ella Mai Is An R’n’B Goddess IMO”

#TBT: 3LW Aka The Cheetah Cubs

Before The Cheetah Girls, before dating a Kardashian, 2/3 of 3LW aka 3 Little Women were a part of the R’n’B girl group saga of the 90’s/early 2000’s. If you don’t remember this band from the group name or song title just listen to that adorable lisp. Yeaaahhh now you remember huh?