#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With TikTok Creator @addyebee

“I get a lot of messages from people who are struggling or who took something away from my videos and the one that stuck out to me most was from a guy who said he’d been raised in a really racist family. He said that listening to me talk about systematic oppression and internalized racism actually changed his mind on a lot of things. If I can reach people like that, that’s it, that’s my goal. “

RIP Vine: Does Anyone Really Care?

I’ve been saying that Vine is dead for well over a year, the social media platform that created a plethora of comedy careers for users of the app that allowed you to post up to 6 second videos is taking over Twitter with the #RIPVine tag today. Twitter, which bought out Vine, announced it isContinue reading “RIP Vine: Does Anyone Really Care?”

No One Cares: The Top Sh*t We Post About That No One Wants To See

We live in a digital world, one where everyone believes someone out there cares what they have to say, or what they did that day. And yes, it can be fantastic, the tiny satisfaction I get out of subtweeting about someone who doesn’t even use Twitter alone is great. Here’s the thing though, the generalContinue reading “No One Cares: The Top Sh*t We Post About That No One Wants To See”

#FitnessFriday: InstaFitness

There are always an array of characters at the gym; the loud grunting guy, the woman hogging the treadmill, the person inhaling a protein bar assuming its a weight-loss snack, and of course, the selfie-taker. Although its gym faux-pas to take selfies while working out, a lot of us are guilty of it. IT canContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: InstaFitness”