Why can’t female Whovians be fashionable too? This week’s outfit of the day is inspired by Doctor Who. […]

FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE! Y’all know that means sweater based outfits, crunchy leaves, and probably pumpkin […]

You didn’t think I’d skip a back-to-school OOTD opportunity did you? Hair: I wanted to choose something simple […]

This cute Summery look will have you all over Pintrest pretending you can do crafts or whatever! Hair: […]

With Atomic Lollipop hitting Toronto this weekend my style senses are tingling in the kawaii area! Pastels, and […]

HAPPY CANADA DAY! In honor of the holiday today’s outfit is inspired by Canadian actress, and star of […]

Hair/Hat: Let’s get y’all festival/Summer ready with this Careless Co. bucket hat. The Mississauga based brand also has […]