Youtube Star Tana Mongeau Got Her Own MTV Show And It Premieres Tonight

A year or so after the disaster that was Tanacon, the controversial vlogging sensation has scored herself an MTV show. Tana Turns 21 will follow the online star and her insane life.

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There is sure to be a lot about her relationship with fellow Youtuber Jake Paul, whom she recently became engaged to. Yeah she got a car and a future husband for her 21st birthday and I think all I got was alcohol poisoning and my boyfriend dumping me?
Plots about her friendships, and maybe some cameos of ex-gf Bella Thorne and rapper BFF Elijah Daniel?

Will you be watching? Tana Turns 21 premieres tonight on MTV.


Youtube Stars Tana Mongeau And Brad Sousa Are Dating ICYMI

If you don’t follow Tana Mongeau on social media then you’re probably unaware of her new beau fellow Youtuber Brad Sousa. Are they the new David and Liza? Maybe. Are my readers above the age of 35 confused? For sure.

Adorable shot from Brad’s Twitter

For those of you who are unaware of who either of these two are let me break it down for you a bit:

Tana is a Youtuber, musician, and girlfriend to former Disney star turned rapper Bella Thorne.

Brad is I think a former Vine star (remember Vine?!), and the poor man’s Bieber (they seriously could be twins.).

Okay now you can go back to not caring about either of them and I will continue to be team Tana.

Creator Tana Mongeau Brings ‘Tanacon’ To Anahiem This Weekend

Youtube and Instagram megastar Tana Mongeau is practically a household name and isn’t even 21 yet. If you watch her Instastories and don’t want to rage with her and BFF Bella Throne then you can fight me.
With Vidcon, the infamous creators convention, dropping insane ticket/pass prices (upwards of SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS U.S), the ‘W’ artist created her own convention with ‘Tanacon”. Some of the featured folk include Shane Dawson, The Gabby Show, Rickey Thompson, Lil Phag, and Bella Thorne. Tickets started at $0 and the line up is BANANAS with newly featured creators added often. The event runs from June 22nd to June 23rd at the Anaheim Marriot Suits – Garden Grove.

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