#TBT: Cobra Starship Was a Thing, and Gossip Girl Star Leighton Meester Sang (Kinda)

For a while the REAL jams were all about dancing around in your sequined dress like season 5 Mini on Skins and bands like Cobra Starship, and 3!OH3! dropping tracks with popular women in Hollywood. Let’s take it back and make ‘them good girls go bad’ y’all.

#TBT: Paris Hilton & The Carters

I was reminded of today’s throwback when former reality tv star and now mommy vlogger Snooki posted a video of her in Vegas dancing to The Backstreet Boys. Y’ALL NICK CARTER AND PARIS HILTON DATED. There was also major dramz (yea I said dramz.) when rumours of Paris and younger brother of Nick aka 9yrContinue reading “#TBT: Paris Hilton & The Carters”

#TBT: The Worst Person In Jurassic Park

I know what you’re thinking, it HAS to be Dennis aka Newman who tries to steal all that dino DNA but ends up screwing up Jurassic Park as a theme park, pissing off Samuel L Jackson, and getting killed in the process (sorry did I not mention there are spoilers for a movie that cameContinue reading “#TBT: The Worst Person In Jurassic Park”