This Is Why You Need To Attend Metaverse: 007 The Uprising In Toronto This Month

“Hidden among the ashes of a conflagration, there are always a few embers that continue to burn. Sometimes, those embers are all you need to re-ignite a powerful inferno.”

What To Expect At Eden This Saturday

Toronto’s art car community is BOOMING there is so much creativity and love flowing with The 4Tress (home to Heavy Meta, The Ark Car, and Tarna). This Saturday Revival in Toronto will be transformed into an enchanted world. You can expect a plethora of insane costumes of vines, flowers, and forbidden fruit. The deco asContinue reading “What To Expect At Eden This Saturday”

Heavy Meta Set To Cause A ‘White Out’ In 2018

With the new year just around the corner (seriously let’s just get thought these goddamn holidays) I’m already thinking about the parties in 2018. Everyone’s favourite fire breathing dragon sound stage-art car Heavy Meta is teaming up with a fellow Canadian art car to take over The Mod Club in January. “A fundraiser for TheContinue reading “Heavy Meta Set To Cause A ‘White Out’ In 2018”

Atomic Lollipop Returns For a 90’s Event: Prom Style

From the magical creatures who bring Toronto my favourite geek-fest Atomic Lollipop comes a night of nostalgia, glitter, and all the throwbacks you need! APOP is back from hibernation THIS FALL for… FAKE PROM: BIG SHINY ’90s ft. Wannabe: The Spice Girls Tribute Band “STOP RIGHT NOW and dust off those POGs, because we’re takingContinue reading “Atomic Lollipop Returns For a 90’s Event: Prom Style”