#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV’s The Challenge Star Tula ‘Big T’ Fazakerley

“Once you give your self a goal and have something to work towards, the time passes really fast.” Big T says about her time in COVID-19 quarantine.

Fame MMAUK Announces Fight Featuring Georgia Harrison,Scotty T, Sam Gowland, Bear Stephens And More

Finally I can combine two loves of mine: UK reality television and pretending I understand the inner workings of the world of MMA. The semi-new fighting league is pitting some of reality TV’s favourites from across the pond against one another. Featuring stars from Shipwrecked, The Challenge, Geordie Shore, Just Tattoo Of Us and evenContinue reading “Fame MMAUK Announces Fight Featuring Georgia Harrison,Scotty T, Sam Gowland, Bear Stephens And More”

#MusicMonday: Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week: Singer/Songwriter Daniel Pearson I don’t exclusively listen to rap music, despite my previous #MusicMonday posts. This week’s artist of the week hails from the UK, and if I had to use a word to describe his music other than beautiful I’d use soothing cause DANG. The 32 year old singer-songwriter from Kingston-Upon-Hull,Continue reading “#MusicMonday: Artist of the Week”

#CinemaSunday: Tony (2009)

Oi! With my UK Takeover week winding down to an end today I thought I would make this week’s #CinemaSunday film pick a combo of UK imported-low budget-horror with 2009’s Tony. SINOPSIS  Genre:  Horror/Slasher Tony which is also known by it’s alternative title Tony: London Serial Killer  tells the story of a serial killer living in suburban London.  TheContinue reading “#CinemaSunday: Tony (2009)”

#MusicMonday: Artist of the week Taylor Jones

Taylor jones- pop singer/Song writer Kicking off the UK takeover week on TheNikkiSin.com is a brand new site feature #MusicMonday. This week’s artist of the week is  pop singer and song writer Taylor Jones. At just 16 years old UK’s Taylor Jones began his music career in very way most artists do today, by utilizingContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Artist of the week Taylor Jones”

#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Questions with Dj/Producer Alex Prospect

One of the coolest things about interviewing for my blog is all the people I talk to from around the world. This week’s throwback is from February 2014. Winner of Breakthrough DJ and Breakthrough Producer in the 2013 Hardcore Heaven Awards DJ and producer Alex Prospect has made name for himself in the hardcore musicContinue reading “#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Questions with Dj/Producer Alex Prospect”