#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Youtuber Zach Clayton

“My life did a complete 360 and it is still changing to this day. “

MTV’s The Challenge Vet Couple Ashley & Dario Started A Vlog

Ashley K and Dario hit it off a few seasons ago and have taken their romance outside of MTV. The couple frequently post #relationshipgoals pictures and have taken it to the next level with a Youtube channel. As for the content Ashley took to Insta for fab suggestions (I went with ‘couples workouts tbh). CheckContinue reading “MTV’s The Challenge Vet Couple Ashley & Dario Started A Vlog”

#BeautyBit: Chronicles Of A Moonchild: Heatless Coachella Looks

Festival season is upon us, I’m excited to hear amazing music, hangout with fun people, see Heavy Meta in action. Music festivals are not all boho chic, celebrity sightings and flower crowns though, I hate to break it to you ladies and gents but you spend the majority of a festival living out of tent.Continue reading “#BeautyBit: Chronicles Of A Moonchild: Heatless Coachella Looks”

DIY Of The Day: Lucky Charms Cookies

I’m going to put it out there: unless I’m making tacos my DIY skills are garbage. Pintrest fail SubReddit worthy but luckily there are people in the world who are far better at crafts, baking, and cooking than I am. Vlogger Naomi Elle dropped this video yesterday to make your own Lucky  Charms cookies (KylieContinue reading “DIY Of The Day: Lucky Charms Cookies”