#FitnessFriday: This Is Just A Workout Meme

Not every #FitnessFriday has to be a smoothie recipe ya’ll

#FitnessFriday: Get The Perfect Form With Hollywood Fitness Legend Ashley Borden

Ashley Borden is a fitness and lifestyle consultant to some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces and world-class athletes. Her unique approach to fitness can be attributed to having tackled her own personal struggles, transforming them into a positive philosophy and dynamic training program – making her one of the most sought-after experts in her field.

#FitnessFriday: Top Celebrity Workout Pics

If you don’t take a selfie, or have a photo taken for you of your workout did it really happen? We don’t all have access to top of the line equipment, or training. Heck some of us don’t even live in a palce where the weather is nice enough to run outside all the timeContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: Top Celebrity Workout Pics”

#FitnessFriday: Festive Fitness Fashion

‘Tis the season to use the holidays as an excuse to over-eat and skip workout days, fa la la la la la la laaaaa! So why not take that Christmas spirit and apply it to your workout-fit? I put together a festive workout-fit for the holiday season, and this week’s #FitnessFriday: Ladies,don’t get me wrongContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: Festive Fitness Fashion”

#FitnessFriday: Winter Workouts

I get it, its colder now and you are less likely to go for a run. It can be hard to keep motivated when its so cold out, and maybe the gym is too far all of a sudden as the chilly air takes a toll on you. There are however a few things youContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: Winter Workouts”

#FitnessFriday: MTV’s Are You The One 3 Star Zak Longo’s Snack Pick

Finding a workout snack can be hard, clearly not as hard as it is to get all the matches on this season of Are You The One.  When I sat down to interview Zak Longo, one of the stars of the 3rd season of MTV’s hit show “Are You The One” I had to knowContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: MTV’s Are You The One 3 Star Zak Longo’s Snack Pick”

#FitnessFriday: Post Workout Homemade Recovery Drink

Just like a physical warm-up and cool-down before and after a workout your body needs fuel. A good run or workout leaves your body in need of hydration and it is key to have something to refuel. You can put what you like in your drink, be sure to include ingredients high in carbohydrates, protein,Continue reading “#FitnessFriday: Post Workout Homemade Recovery Drink”

#FitnessFriday: Are You The One 3 Star Chelsey Perkin’s Favourite Healthy Snack

This season of MTV’s hit competitive reality dating show ‘Are You The One’ is getting CRAZY.  Hookups, drama, fights, man buns, and even a native of my hometown of Toronto. During my #TMITuesday interview with season cutie Chelsey Perkins, I chatted with the Florida dwelling reality star about her favourite healthy snack! “After a workoutContinue reading “#FitnessFriday: Are You The One 3 Star Chelsey Perkin’s Favourite Healthy Snack”

#FitnessFriday Item of the Week: Pocket Protein

One of my biggest issues with eating healthy (aside from a lack of donuts, and chicken nuggets) , or consuming healthy items is convenience thus my love for wraps, and my go to item of the week: Pocket Protien. Developed by MTV’s Mark Long the flavoured product contains Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Amino Acids. It’s sugarContinue reading “#FitnessFriday Item of the Week: Pocket Protein”