WCW: Lily Collins

I’m going to need to know if she’s really dating Zac Efron though…

Lily Collins is this week’s WCW.

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Zac Efron Is Playing Notorious Killer Ted Bundy In A Movie And I Have Mixed Feelings About It

It was announced months ago that Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron would be portraying infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in a new film and now we have a trailer for it.

I do have some mixed feelings about all this though, I’m sure the headline was a dead giveaway. Although I adore Zac Efron (Highschool Musical forever) I have to wonder if he is the right fit for the role. Is he perhaps too handsome for the role? Ted Bundy was a good looking man, he was charming, and had no problem in the romance department, and I certainly do believe Efron has no issues with these characteristics. I worry though that he is too wholesome to play someone so sinister and truthfully evil. This seems like a role Joaquin Phoenix could have played if he wasn’t busy as the Joker. I suppose I’ll just have to watch the film?

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Leave a comment below!

Baywatch Set To Hit Theatres This Summer

I’m all over this whole Zac Efron in bro-comedies, and action flicks, The Rock too. This is the genre the two were meant for. With the resurgence of old TV shows (yes I’m sorry but Baywatch is an old show.) being turned into films such as Chips, and Power Rangers it only seemed fair to give Baywatch it’s shot. I foresee this being a lot like 21 Jump Street, so I’m very much hoping fora cameo from Pamela, or The Hoff.