Which AYTO Alumni Are Expecting Their First Child Together?

If your perfect match were standing in front of you would you even know it? The cast of AYTO never really seems to know it to be honest. They do however make very real connections and carry those relationships outside of the show. Who could forget the love affair that was Gianna Hammer and HaydenContinue reading “Which AYTO Alumni Are Expecting Their First Child Together?”

AYTO ‘Sexy Season 6’ Airs Tonight on MTV

An all new set of singles, a new host, and a new location are all set for season 6 of the competitive dating show on MTV: Are You The One? The drama is back with the Truth Booth, Boom Boom Room and what looks like 20 Instagram models. Will they get love and money orContinue reading “AYTO ‘Sexy Season 6’ Airs Tonight on MTV”

Let’s Get Dirty with The Challenge: XXX Live On Instagram TONIGHT!

I’ll be getting my commentary on, reading tweets, and making my own predictions live on Instagram tonight at 9pm for the season premiere of The Challenge: XXX on MTV. Watch with me, see my unfiltered face, and let’s get DIRTY 30 Y’ALL.

MTV XXX: The Challenge Season 30 First Look

The Challenge gods have blessed us in 2017 with 2 seasons and a mini series taking over MTV. The latest season, and the 30th in the franchise hits MTV July 18th and it is set to be the direst season yet. The cast is stacked with vets, rookies, snakes, and wildcards with a ONE MILLIONContinue reading “MTV XXX: The Challenge Season 30 First Look”

MTV’s The Challenge Spin Off Premieres Tonight, Watch A Sneak Peek

I’ll admit I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be into the idea of another “Champs vs other people” at first. Because let’s face it this seems like a webseries based off of Invasion, but this is a true opportunity for the The Challenge vets to show that they have SKILL. The MTV alumni willContinue reading “MTV’s The Challenge Spin Off Premieres Tonight, Watch A Sneak Peek”

MTV’s The Challenge Season 30 Begins Filming + See The Rumored Cast

This season of The Challenge has been crazy, but leave it to MTV to already get started on a new season. The line up looks hype, and I’m so ready to know what the theme is as they begin filming today in Colombia (rumored). This cast is pretty stacked with old, and new faces toContinue reading “MTV’s The Challenge Season 30 Begins Filming + See The Rumored Cast”

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV Reality Star Alicia Wright

This week’s feature has seen her fair share of drama on MTV’s Are You The One’s latest season, but that is not the last we saw of her. I had a chance to chat with Alicia Wright about her time on AYTO, her new show Second Chances, love, drama, and how to deal with hatersContinue reading “#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV Reality Star Alicia Wright”