Who Is Nikki Sin?

Dreamer-writer-green tea addict-expert of nothing

Originally, I began blogging back in 2013 with The Wax Museum as the official film critic covering b-movies/horror.

Eventually, I branched off to cultivate my own brand, and site taking with me my favourite segments including #TMITuesday #CinemaSunday and a selection of others. This is truly when I found my voice as a writer.

This website for me is to express myself, pump up the cool sh*t my friends are doing, and babble on about pop culture. Most recently it has become the home to my mental health series The Anxiety Diaries.

When I’m not blogging I work professionally as a copywriter. Otherwise you can find me working on media for Heavy Meta, and Tarna , partying, reading the same books over and over, laughing at dogs I see, or eating whilst binge-watching Netflix.

Be sure to check out the site every week for all new posts and the dopest sh*t in pop culture, lifestyle and whatever the f*ck I want really.

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