Cinema Sunday: Animal (2014)


    HAPPY WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH EVERYONE! Expect each #CinemaSunday review this month to star women, and to be created by women! It’s also Black History Month more importantly to note.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE woods located horror flicks. Maybe it’s because I’m not the best with the outdoors, that there is some underlying fear there, or perhaps because the chase, and fall scenes in a horror are as classic as a scream queen’s scream.
This week’s pick stars two Disney/Nickelodeon stars who’s talent I believe surpasses those networks with Elizabeth Gillies and Keke Palmer.
This 2014 in the woods horror titled “Animal” is my pick for this week’s Cinema Sunday.


GENRE: Horror/Thriller

The film takes place in a forest as 5 teens go for a seemingly harmless hike. The social aspect of the group is complicated with Elizabeth Gillie’s character dating best friend Keke Palmer’s brother. There is then of course a 5th wheel friend.
With the sun going down, the group, all but one, wants to head back. But Palmer’s brother wants to keep going not knowing what is to come. With an attempt to find their car in the dark, the group leader Matt is attacked by an animal and the group must seek shelter in a boarded up house not too far from where they are after running from the beast.s
The youth stumble upon 3 survivors of the animal and team up to stop it.

FUN FACT: Elizabeth Gillies starred in the TV series “Victorious” with hit artist Ariana Grande. The two remain best friends, Gillies appeared in Grande’s music video for “Right There” a song featuring Grande’s boyfriend rapper Big Sean.


I have to admit it was nice to see strong female characters in a horror film. The character development throughout the film was far better than expect. On a scary level it had me jump a few times, and I wouldn’t exactly suggest it for children.


9 Elizabeth Gillies’ perfect eye brows out of 10

Who should watch this? 

Ariana Grande
your best friend
the milkman

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