March Reality TV Round-Up: What’s New And What’s Back?

For football fans, there is March Madness; for reality-TV fans, there is this: Week of March 1, 2023 Week of March 5, 2023 Week of March 12, 2023 Week of March 19, 2023 Week of March 26, 2023

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Toronto R’n’B Artist Geneva

One of my favourite things to do aside from sleeping and eating mac and cheese is listening to new music. This week’s feature is a gifted artist who should truly be added to your Spotify playlists…like now. Right now… I’ll wait. Geneva and I discuss music, life and a whole lot more in this all-newContinue reading “#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Toronto R’n’B Artist Geneva”

Netflix’s Dated and Related Is A Real Show…

Thankfully, the show is not about siblings who are dating one another…but it does have a premise that gives me the ick. According to Tom’s Guide, the core concept is fairly simple: a diverse group of single people travel to a European villa to find love, but the twist is they’re accompanied by a siblingContinue reading “Netflix’s Dated and Related Is A Real Show…”

Round Off Your Long Weekend In Toronto On Monday With A Beach Party

With 22 years of Promise Cherry Beach parties, the team behind the underground techno takeover in Toronto is still going strong. With recent notice from BlogTO and Exclaim! the weekly events (that run June 5th to Sept 5th) offer a mini-vacation on Sundays 3pm-11pm. They’re family-friendly and feature some of Toronto’s best and brightest DJsContinue reading “Round Off Your Long Weekend In Toronto On Monday With A Beach Party”

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Canadian Artist Tremayne

Tremayne is a Toronto grown hip-hop artist, known for his prolific performances and universally respected for his visceral songwriting. Born and raised just west of Toronto, in the suburb of Brampton, Tremayne began his career under the moniker T-Mayne, a nod to his birth name. Known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, whether onContinue reading “#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Canadian Artist Tremayne”

Promise Cherry Beach Has One For The Music Heads Tomorrow

­­In this e-blast from the Toronto, Canada based event company the team stated: This Sunday’s beach party will be a music-head techno  playground. Aurora Halal is at the sphere’s-edge of an expanding universe of dark, angular life-affirming dance-floor intensity and we welcome you into her cosmos. ­Aurora Halal is the creator of NYC’s successful Mutual DreamingContinue reading “Promise Cherry Beach Has One For The Music Heads Tomorrow”

The Real Housewives Of The World: A Look At The International RHW Series

I bet that if you were to ask 10 people what their guilty pleasure reality TV series it at least 6 will say a Real Housewives franchise. And while yes, the majority of the series take place in the US there are a few handfuls of international housewives creating drama. These USA-based series include: -TheContinue reading “The Real Housewives Of The World: A Look At The International RHW Series”