Netflix New Dating Series ‘Perfect Match’: Meet the Singles

Will you be tuning in?

Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers Has Been Released (Listen Here)

One fan wrote: “This album is truly amazing, but you must really listen for the message. This album is the out come of a 15year+ healing process, a black king truly coming into his crown. Not a crown he took, but a crown that was gifted from the world itself, from the energies themselves.
Raw emotion, solid beats, lyricism that brings breath into new perspective…. I would not dare call any art perfect, for if it is perfect it is not art…. but this album is damn nearly perfect….”

Microblading, Major Results: Meet Toronto’s The Good Geisha

NOT YOUR TYPICAL FACE TATTOO Let’s face it! Makeup smears and smudges look terrible (admit it.) Nowadays, a lot of women want big beauty eyebrows, but don’t want the hassle of applying loads of makeup for thicker and fuller brows every-single-day. Because let’s face it, we all went tweezer happy in the early 2000’s. ThatContinue reading “Microblading, Major Results: Meet Toronto’s The Good Geisha”