Microblading, Major Results: Meet Toronto’s The Good Geisha


Let’s face it! Makeup smears and smudges look terrible (admit it.)

Nowadays, a lot of women want big beauty eyebrows, but don’t want the hassle of applying loads of makeup for thicker and fuller brows every-single-day. Because let’s face it, we all went tweezer happy in the early 2000’s. That is why two Toronto women decided to open a new niche beauty biz 100% dedicated to cosmetic tattooing! They call it The Good Geisha, Toronto’s FIRST premium cosmetic tattoo shop. The Good Geisha are leading the mircoblading movement in the GTA.  They have already been featured in Flare Magazine, The Toronto Star & The Marilyn Denis Show.

Good Geisha Store Front

Okay but seriously WTF is Microblading?

MICROBLADING is a short-term cosmetic tattoo for the eyebrows. Madonna just had hers done.

Image result for madonna eyebrows

Okay but let’s talk The Good Geisha, who opened their first shop in Kensington Market, in Toronto. Responding to the growing demand of mircoblading, they also recently opened a second location at The Pacific Mall. We live in a digital age so I KNOW you want to see a short video about the shop: Click Here. Even Style Democracy rated them one of the top beauty salons in Toronto.



Amber Gotzmeister is our resident Colour Correction Expert, Creative and Educational Director, Senior Instructor and the Co-owner of The Good Geisha. She started in the medical camouflaging makeup industry in 2005 teaching her clients how to cover their scars and birthmarks with makeup. 18579049_10158758024690387_977173267_n Her directed focus in micropigmentation began in 2007, and since then she has performed countless procedures, including over 10,000 eyebrows. As an instructor, Amber developed and implemented fundamental training programs as well as advanced workshops targeting the popular procedure, Microblading. Amber is known for her calming personality and her extensive knowledge on colour in the skin.  Amber holds a CIDESCO designation in medical esthetics and a Marvel Makeup Diploma since 2005. Specialties: Colour & Design Corrections, 3D Areola Medical Tattoos, Microblading and Micropigmentation.

Anna Victoria entered the industry after extensive training and apprenticeships from a number of globally renowned artists before starting her own studio, and now a Co-Owner of The Good Geisha. 18554423_10158758024680387_288893762_n She has performed numerous procedures in pursuit of perfecting the art of cosmetic tattooing.  Having developed a passion for the industry, Anna shares her collection of knowledge by developing and implementing training programs, as well as travelling to different cities to teach the art. Her passion and ambition for perfection is evident through her work. Specialties: Microblading, Micropigmentation, Nanobrow and Scalp Micropigmentation

RAVE ALERT! (solid pun, I know.)

As festival season fast approaches, it’s a good time to ensure your brow game is strong from dusk til dawn! Other popular cosmetic tattoo procedures are lips, eyelids and faux freckles (check out this FF tat video Click Here ).

Look up The Good Geisha for premium Cosmetic Tattooing services in the GTA. For more information on services, location or hours be sure to hit up www.goodgeisha.com

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