TBT: This Is The Jeffree Star I Remember

Way back in the day in a time before Jeffree Star was a makeup guru, this is the Star we were exposed to.

Added story: one time Jeffree Star kicked my brother out of a VIP section at a party because my brother looked too young. He was 19, and it was in Canada.


#TBT: 90’s Lunchables

I think it may just be Leah from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 that keeps the stocks at Lunchables up now but in the 90’s it was my parents and millions of others. According to Wikipedia:

Lunchables is a brand of food and snacks manufactured by Kraft Heinz and marketed under the Oscar Mayer brand in the US and Canada, and manufactured by Mondelēz and marketed under the Dairylea brand in the UK. They were initially introduced in 1988 in Seattle before being released nationally in 1989. 

Back in my day, I’m only using this phrase to serve the purpose of letting you know how long ago Lunchables were THE lunch, we had a variety of Lunchables. Tacos, chicken nuggets, burgers, pizza, and other meals you’d assume would need to be cooked made the list. Chocolate bars and Nerds came as dessert too. The height of health you know?

Image result for 90s lunchables

There are of course the OG Lunchables, crackers and cheese, the true childhood charcuterie board if you will. but, no one wanted those if there was a choice of the other trash pile.

#TBT: Robot Dogs, And Cats Because The Year 2000 Was The Future

I imagine the sounds of my talking Tamogotchi really stuck with my parents, Nanopets if you will. Also on their list of haunting sounds had to be Furbys and of course Robo-Chi pets. I think I had a pink, or purple dog version, never got around to a cat version despite me being a cat lady today. Anyway here is the advert to play very loudly while you Facetime your parents and bring back the trauma for them.


#TBT: A LOLAWOLF Roadtrip Track

Given I have spent every day since August 20th on the road, or in motion on an art car at Burning Man this week’s throwback needed to be a song that helped encompass that. Roadtrip music is easy to put together with ballads everyone can sing along to but I think the key to a good road trip song is one that reminds me of the things I saw in passing. The hours I spent looking at the mountains, and the white lines painted on the road.

Image result for crossroads britney GIF

There was a good toss up between this song, and Everything Now by Arcade Fire but I believe that song was more of my journey to the burn and not the journey home.