Reality TV Couples Who Are Still Going Strong

People fall in love all of the time, but these people fell in love on national television.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Reveal

Lana is back to putting these ten hot singles on no-sex quarantine in season 3 of Netflix’s hit series ‘Too Hot To Handle”. If you are unfamiliar with the premise of the show (I’m not sure how you landed on my site then…) it puts 10 singles on an island retreat to find love. WhileContinue reading “Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Reveal”

I’m Backkkkkkk And So Is The Amazing Race

On January 5th, The Amazing Race began its 33rd season, marking the 20th anniversary of the CBS competition series. Over 600 Racers have travelled over one million miles visiting over 90 countries during those 32 journeys around the world. And now, with host Phil Keoghan, 11 new teams are ready to go on a once-in-a-lifetimeContinue reading “I’m Backkkkkkk And So Is The Amazing Race”