Big Brother 21 Finale: And The Winner Is…

I have to admit I only keep up with Big Brother news to make sure I’m prepped for whoever makes it onto The Challenge. What I learned on Twitter is that we stan Nicole and Kemi.

The winner of the 21st season of the hit reality series was crowned last night. To the shock of no one it was some buff white dude named Jackson. Along with a huge cash prize and a showmance with the 2nd place contestant Jackson also got another thing.

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CALLED OUT FOR ALL HIS TERRIBLE BEHAVIOR! According to one fan I spoke to he walked somberly out and was covered in confetti knowing what America thought of him.


4 Reasons To Hate Reality TV’s Paulie Calafiore

There are not many times I like to advertise that I can be petty, or mean much like the Forever Petty crew I stick to my group chats. Fortunately, I do not know Big Brother loser and The Challenge redemption house favourite Paulie Calafiore so I don’t have to worry about this post causing a. riff between us. But if this causes a Twitter beef like Elijah Daniel and K.J Apa I’m okay with that too because the fandom for Paulie is basically just Cara Marie at this point right? I told you, petty. Anyway in honour of the new season of The Challenge hitting MTV this week here are 5 reasons (even though there are so many more) to hate Paulie:

1. His drama with Cara Marie and Danielle

Paulie and Cara Marie met on Paulie’s first season of The Challenge when Cara attempted to use him to make Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie jealous. Despite Paulie having a girlfriend he entertained the flirting and eventually entered into a relationship with Cara. Back in December (which I’m happy to say was 2 months ago) it was revealed that Calafiore was still texting Bachelor alumni and ex-girlfriend Danielle Maltby. The women teamed up to expose Paulie, and here we are now with Paulie and Cara being back together…

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2. His confidence after a singular season of The Challenge and Big Brother

After ONE season of The Challenge, he thinks he’s a top player. I’m not sure how the other competitors could hear him all the way from his lengthy stays in the redemption house but they did. MTV for some reason had him do commentary for the prospects of the new season of The Challenge and I have no idea why.

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3. My mom hates him

My mom is a lovely woman who looks like me if I was still a brunette and a little bit of a raisin with a natural tan. My point being shes the f*cking best and a real badass. So if she doesn’t like you, you’re pretty GAHBAGE. She’s hated him since his season of Big Brother (of which she is a massive fan of).

4. He was a d*ck on Big Brother

Paulie picked on women on his season of the show and when things didn’t go his way he would throw a temper tantrum. Let us go ahead and note, he didn’t even win…

Now Calafiore doesn’t have Twitter anymore but I’m okay with an Instagram beef too?

The Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother US Cast List Made My Jaw Drop

No, I’m serious. My jaw dropped like in a cartoon…

This cast is stacked with honestly a bunch of crazy celebrities and an MTV’s The Challenge alumni. Let’s break down this list of ‘celebrities’ that may just all murder one another on national television:

Aubrey O’Day– Singer/member of Danity Kane
Calvin Johnson– Football player
Dina Lohan– Lindsay Lohan’s mom
Eva Marie– WWE Superstar
Johnathon Bennett– His hair looks sexy pushed back
Johnny Bananas– MTV personality/villain, and TV Host
Sean Spicer– ugh
Stephen Baldwin– Now an in-law to Justin Bieber
Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard– a reality TV icon best known for stanning Flava Flav
Tonya Harding– disgraced Olympic figure skater

Caitlyn Jenner was set to be on this list as well but she bailed at the last minute due to pay. I would have liked to have seen her interact with Dina.

You can watch this mess unfold on January 21st @ 7/8 c on CBS.

EDIT: According to the @BB_Updates the new cast list is as follows (and no wigs were snatched during the reading of this “fresh” list):

Kato Kaelin– A witness in the OJ Simpson case
Ricky Williams– Former NFL player
Johnathon Bennett– Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls and an Ariana Grande video
Lolo Jones– Professional hurdler and bobsledder
Joey Lawrence– 80’s/90’s sitcom star and then he did that thing with Melissa Joan Heart or whatever
Dina Lohan– Still Lindsay’s mom
Tamar Braxton– Sister to 90’s diva Toni Braxton
Tom Green– Former funny guy who dated Drew Barrymore
Kandi BurrussReal Housewives Of Atlanta
Eva Marie– WWE Superstar
Ryan Lotche– Olympic douchebag
Anthony Scarramucci– Former White House Director Of Communications

MTV’s The Challenge: The Final Reckoning Premieres Tonight at 9/8c

I’m going .to get right into this with the question of the title of this season: IS THIS THE END OF THE CHALLENGE? AM I STARTING CRAZY RUMOURS? I think we all know Jemmye will have the tea on this but hey let me have something.

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The cast this season is stacked with newbies, and old rivalries. With another 1 million dollar prize on the line will Cara and Marie be able to work together? Will the house tear apart power couples Jenna and Zach, or Brad and Britni? I’m ready for all the drama, all the challenges I say ‘I could probably do that) but couldn’t and for my Tuesdays to have meaning again. The new season premieres tonight at 9/8c on MTV, and you can bet I’ll be watching.

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#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Big Brother’s Ginamarie Zimmerman

Big Brother is back tomorrow! And season 15 brought us this week’s #TMITuesday feature, the scandalous Ginamarie. Aligned with fellow blonde Aaryn, Ginamarie played her cards right and became runner-up of the season. With her very vocalized views came some backlash though. Zimmerman and I chat about the scandal within her season, game play, and more in this week’s interview.


1. Going into the Big Brother house, what was your initial strategy?

My strategy walking into the big brother house was pretty much just be myself. And listen when people talked ,so I knew who I can trust and potentially make an srtong alliance in the future.  I’m usually a class clown and I think my personality would win everyone over.


2. Do you feel that you were accurately portrayed during your season of the show?

I think my DR sessions were super funny. I heard a lot of people say I was one of the funniest and entertaining people on the show which that made me happy because some of my house guests are pretty amazing.

3. What was your biggest regret on the show?

If you know Big Brother you know the saying #noregrets . The only thing I would probably do different is keep my mouth shut sometimes lol . Sometimes in life and in relationships people say things they don’t mean . But you learn from your mistakes . What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

4. Do you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

I keep in touch with about half  my HG’s there’s not one day that goes by that I don’t speak to someone from the show. They are my family for life . If I have a problem or need someone to talk too they are always there for me .  Big Brother builds a bond  that lasts a lifetime. And I’ll know I’ll have friendships for life.  I’m actually one of Aaryn’s  bridesmaids in her wedding later this year.

5. What would you say is your “theme song”?

My theme song would probably be “open book” lol  because it’s my own song that’s out on iTunes Now .


6. Since today is #TMITuesday, can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

Well being on camera 24-7 people learn a lot about you but ,maybe one thing people don’t know is that I have “webbed toes” . And if you’re asking, No it doesn’t make me swim faster . Lol

7. Who were you rooting for on season 16 of Big Brother?

I was definitely rooting for Derek and Big Brother 16 right from the beginning I knew he was a strong player and definitely would probably win the whole game and I was right.

8. Due to some of your comments on the show you had some serious consequences following your exit of show. Do you feel those were fair?

I think everyone makes mistakes in their  life and you only learn from your mistakes and become a better person from them .

9. Do you watch any other reality shows? 

I love watching other reality shows my favorite would have to be “Dancing with the Stars” hopefully one day you’ll see me on it. Oh and I love “Jersey Shore” because angelina is my best friend in real life .


10. What’s next for you Ginamarie?

 Right now I’m still working on music ,modeling and movies . And I’m working on a new TV pilots as we speak so you might see more of GinaMarie on your television . What I like to focus on in the future is being happy and successful in everything that I do and maybe having a family one day . I met this really wonderful man named Nick , he’s amazing . He knows the real ginamarie and he inspires me everyday.  I love to see what the future holds for us.