Austrian Survivor: Heroes v.s Villians Cast Breakdown

The Joker and the princess return…

Mid-January Reality TV Show Round-Up: What’s Coming This Month?

Much like the world of kinks, there is something for everyone in reality TV. The latter half of January (arguably the darkest month of the year) welcomes new seasons of old favourites, returning guidos and guidettes, new series concepts and some questionably named shows (see: MILF Manor and Deadly Australians). Let’s take a look atContinue reading “Mid-January Reality TV Show Round-Up: What’s Coming This Month?”

MTV’s The Challenge Enters Its 38th Season: Ride Or Dies With It’s Premiere Tonight

T.J Lavin hosts the latest season of the smash TV series with a theme first of people who actually get along…The cast is stacked with rookies, vets, siblings, exes, romantic partners, and BFFs. The trailer makes me think that this season will be good for about 5 episodes? I’m skeptical after the final of TheContinue reading “MTV’s The Challenge Enters Its 38th Season: Ride Or Dies With It’s Premiere Tonight”

The Amazing Race 34 Premieres This Wednesday

So. much. reality tv. Following Survivor 43’s 2-hour premiere The Amazing Race is back for it’s 34th season. And Big Brother too? Will we as reality TV fans ever know sleep or peace?? Answer: no. So who will we see compete? Let’s check it out. Aastha Lal and Nina Duong Ages: 33 and 34Engaged fromContinue reading “The Amazing Race 34 Premieres This Wednesday”