Vanderpump Rules: A Mini Breakdown

There is no doubt that if you’re a reality TV fan that your timeline is filled with chatter about Vanderpump Rules. Premiering in 2013 on Bravo, the show follows the daily lives of the staff at SUR, a restaurant in West Hollywood owned by Lisa Vanderpump. Over the years, Vanderpump Rules has become known forContinue reading “Vanderpump Rules: A Mini Breakdown”

Survivors Ready? Go! (Watch The Internaional Versions)

Survivor is a reality television show that has captivated audiences for over two decades. While the American version is undoubtedly the most famous, the international editions of Survivor are equally entertaining and worth watching. The international versions of Survivor, such as the Australian, New Zealand, and South African versions, have unique twists and challenges thatContinue reading “Survivors Ready? Go! (Watch The Internaional Versions)”

Mid-January Reality TV Show Round-Up: What’s Coming This Month?

Much like the world of kinks, there is something for everyone in reality TV. The latter half of January (arguably the darkest month of the year) welcomes new seasons of old favourites, returning guidos and guidettes, new series concepts and some questionably named shows (see: MILF Manor and Deadly Australians). Let’s take a look atContinue reading “Mid-January Reality TV Show Round-Up: What’s Coming This Month?”