#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Event Creator And Artist Mariel Pauline

In my party career, yeah I can call it that sure, I meet a lot of people. None quite like this week’s feature Mariel Pauline of course. From New York, to Miami to Toronto Mariel was a hard one to sit down to chat with but we did it. Discussions of art, that thing in the desert and more fill this week’s interview. Let’s get to it shall we?

Note: This interview was completed prior to the Tarna and Heavy Meta, event’s mentioned.

1. Let’s talk about your passion project Wishing Wings, what inspired it, and what is it?

Three years ago, after the suicide and overdose of a few friends in the New York City nightlife community, I felt stuck. I wasn’t creating, wasn’t living a life I could be proud of. I began reconnecting with nature, setting intentions, and letting go. At the same time, I became infatuated with the texture of fallen wood as it dries — and from this, the Wishing Wings Project was born.

Intentions are wishes our hearts are brave enough to beat into reality.  One of the most powerful things we can do is set an intention. The Wishing Wings aim to incubate that moment of pause, reflection, and reset. 

photo by Linda Odom

At its core, the Wishing Wings are a collaborative experiential mixed media sculpture that has appeared at events and festivals in the United States and Canada, beginning with I FEEL: Summer Escape 2018. It is composed of site-specific sustainably sourced branches and other flora, which are meticulously hand-woven into 8’x10’ wings.  People are invited to write their wish on a wooden heart provided by the artist, and hang it on the piece. I collected 2018’s Wishes at the close of each event, and brought to Burning Man to be sealed in the flames of Temple Galaxia. This year, Wishes from Ontario’s regional Burn, Hyperborea, were immolated in the event’s own Temple. I am ecstatic to bring the Wishing Wings Project to a close this summer at Burning Man; Wishes from Miami’s LoveBurn, Figment NYC, and I FEEL: Summer Escape will join the entire installation to burn in the dust. 

2. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they do not already know?

I love hiding & jumping out to scare people. Or just hiding – typically in small places, behind doors, in your dreams. 

3. You were a co-creator for Figment NYC, what was that like? 

A lot of things aligned for this one… I attended Figment NYC for 4 years prior, and their new home on Roosevelt Island is directly across from my old apartment, so bringing the Wishing Wings Project this year felt like things were coming full-circle. I loved incorporating glitter and neon paints into the materials left for the Wishing Wings so participants could leave their creative sparkle on the piece. It brought immense joy to my heart to see families engage in the art, like The Toad art car that was curated by Figment’s team. Set against the NYC skyline, it was simply magical.

4. If you could choose one song to be your ‘theme song’ what would it be and why?

People like to peg me as a “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac) type of gal, but right now I’m really leaning in to that “Norrland” (Gidge) vibe. I’m a big fan of proper horns and the entire track carries an ethereal, sunshine-forward lightness of being throughout that makes me smile every time.

5. What drew you to this traveling artist lifestyle?

I didn’t choose this crazy lifestyle, it 100% choose me.

In September 2017, I was introduced to the Heavy Meta art car family.  Shortly thereafter, I began splitting my time between Brooklyn and Toronto. New York City was feeling claustrophobic, having grown up there, so I was invigorated by the opportunity to check out Toronto’s innovative scene and collaborate on some amazing art and experiences. Y’all don’t have an ego up here, yet. It’s nice. 

Working in event production and art direction, I’m fortunate enough to be able to “follow the project”. From blinging out a throne in The Funhouse’s Underwater Ballroom, to co-creating a 10,000 person music festival on top of a ski mountain in Vermont – every day is different. I love learning from and be inspired by where each project takes me. Getting to create magic every day is a bonus.

6. If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

There are so many things I want to do; most center around healing and end-of-life care. Maybe art therapy? Maybe working to bridge the education gap between traditional medicine practitioners and caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonian symptoms? Definitely something that would allow for me to have a doggo, though.

7. As a contributing artist to the newly opened art maze “The Funhouse” in Toronto, how would you describe the experience? 

Holy wow, talk about dream project! All of last summer and the better part of this spring, I got to wake up and make art. Face casting alongside Paul Jackson last summer for his “Free Trial”-room collaboration with Bad Child was a huge lesson in deliberation and patience. As an emerging artist, it felt super badass to be trusted to execute this space. A few team members and I 100% ugly cried watching the Manual Arts team finish installing the fascia of the building, feeling what a gift it was to be a part of this project, and knowing what we’ve created for the city of Toronto to enjoy.  The entire Funhouse was a family effort. There’s so much love, detail, and joy in every single piece. I could not be more honoured to have been part of the team.

photo from BlogTO

8. You help create the environment and vibe for parties all over Canada, and the US. What are your must-haves at a party? 

You mean beyond free and easily accessible water, a responsible door policy, killer and well-balanced sound? I like music that allows my brain to play, and a vibe that invites people to “come as they are”- to connect without pretense. The parties where I find myself fully enjoying the experience also have an art or wellness component. Dancing for hours in a dark club is fun, but a space where there’s a collaborative mural, a rooftop, thought-provoking art, an elixir bar — most importantly, a crowd there to celebrate life? That’s a party, babe. Oh, and fire. Fire’s nice too.

9. Which event are you most excited about this year?

There are so many!  Every event is different in its own lovely way.  I’m looking forward to both the Tarna and Metaverse fundraiser parties in Toronto in July, then Burning Man to see all of the 4tress’ art cars on playa. I’m also looking forward to Burning Man because I get to torch the Wishing Wings with some friends from NYC and Amsterdam, celebrate my 2nd anniversary with my partner, and experience all the art.  I have to tip my hat to Circus Fabulae & The Cloud — so many artistically gifted friends bringing all the cool things to this Burn!

After this summer, I’m looking forward to our next Twinkle party during Halloweekend in Brooklyn. Twinkle is a collaboration between my brand, Kaphea, and Alex Daniel’s label, Playa Vibes Productions.  Together, we curate a fully immersive art-meets-music vibe with an art gallery, body painters, performances, and high octane DJs. We’re thinking this party will be Austin Powers themed. Bring on the fembots & sharks with laser beams!

Hyperborea photo by Fee Gunn

10. What’s next for you?

Right now, I’m spending some time building my wedding and corporate event decor business, and producing a few events in NYC this autumn.  My next intention is to find myself in Asia, from January – March 2020. I’d like to build some stages with woven bamboo, see some sunsets, visit some temples. I’m also interested in doing a vipassana sit while I’m there. Trying not to plan too much, and just let the Universe do her thing.

*Featured photo by Toronto’s Dead Pixel*


Toronto Is Getting A Party In An Abandoned Supermarket Next Month

In the quest to create a community of art cars/mutant vehicles in Toronto the same folk who created a Winter wonderland within the newly redesigned walls of The Mod Club are taking it to a new level. The teams behind Heavy Meta (as seen at Minus Zero Festival, Distillery District, Casa Loma, Ever After etc), and the Ark Car (currently under the magical build at The 4tress) are inviting you to party in an abandoned supermarket in the heart of Kensington Market.

Fairland (241 Augusta): An incredible abandoned grocery store in the heart of Kensington Market. It has only been used for an event once before and looked vastly different. Construction will begin on this space the minute the team cleans up, and this is your last chance to see it before the flood washes over.
All proceeds will benefit Heavy Meta and The Ark art cars’ 2018 builds, upgrades and Hyperborea theme camps.

The Flood

The Flood, which takes over the city on May 5th will feature the sounds of ME TIME, SNAZZIEJ, BEN CORMIER, STEINTOLOGY, JESSE CHAMPAGNE, and FUCKLEBERRY HINN.

Costume suggestions: Think Waterworld wasteland scavenger, boatpunk mermaid, two of every animal.

You can use promo code: NIKKI for a little discount because you’re a loyal reader I bet right here.

D*ck Or No D*ck Brings D*cks To The Bovine Tonight

Oh damn, here’s an event to heat up our icy city of Toronto! The DOND crew is back for another wrestling themed night of d*cks and debauchery.


Last time on D!ck or No D!ck we saw the meteoric rise of a new people’s champion, the humiliating defeat of a top contender, and the satisfying ruin of the most hated girl in the game. 

The slugfest continues April 18th as returning players put their reputations on the line in another high-stakes, no-holds-barred, all-bets-off episode of D!ck or No D!ck.

1. Two players come to the stage
2. We read the title of a Craigslist casual encounters ad
3. Players guess whether it will contain a dick pic
4. Winner cocks, loser walks

* Wrestling-inspired characters encouraged.

* Number of holds barred in this event: 0

* Number of f*cks given: SEE ABOVE

Come out to 542 Queen St West tonight @ 9pm!

Toronto Is Getting A Future Viking Party Thanks To Heavy Meta’s Metaverse: 003

In just one week Toronto’s iconic Distillery District will have it’s acclaimed venue: The Fermenting Cellar become the one night home for a future viking world of art, music, and a fire breathing dragon.

Heavy Meta presents the third installation of Metaverse – At the Fermenting Cellar, The Distillery Historic District’s most opulent event venue.

On March 3rd, enter the Metaverse for a fully-immersive art and music experience and an unofficial closing party for the 8 week-long Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery. Featuring: a 30 foot-long metal dragon shooting fire outside all night, musical guests Jackie Spade, Robb G, Ben Cormier +more, LED performances by Spin Starlets, and other surprises.

Image may contain: 6 people, people dancing and text
Never been to The Fermenting Cellar? Built in 1859, the former Fermenting Cellar of the Gooderham & Worts Distillery has been transformed into the most unique event space in Toronto. Heavy timber beams, limestone walls, 8000 square feet, catwalks high above the dancefloor, and 35 foot ceilings offer a breathtaking, industrial raw canvas where our wildest dreams can come true.

100 percent of the proceeds will go toward Heavy Meta’s 2018 upgrades, including rotating neck, new lighting system, and fully articulating wings! It all goes down March 3rd, with tickets being way too close to sold out. I GOTCHU THO WITH A PROMO CODE FOR A LIL DISCOUNT. For my loving readers use promo code: NIKKI for 15% off your ticket on the official Eventbrite link.

A Snowman And A Dragon: The 55th Bon Soo Carnival Lovestory

Approximately eight hours, or about two Harry Potter films long is the travel time to get the snowy cove of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. With just enough snow, and below zero temperatures in Toronto you may very well wonder what brought Heavy Meta to Michigan’s neighbour. The 55th Bon Soo Winter Carnival at The Machine Shop is the answer.

The carnival has been the home to a cornucopia of wholesome family memories, hot chocolate, and bum slides. In it’s 55th year it was the home to Heavy Meta dragon complete with fire, music, and very cold vikings. The only cold part about the weekend was the weather at a whopping -27 for the opening ceremonies but the people of Sault Ste. Marie offered warm smiles,The Machine Shop opened up their indoor restaurant/brewery with a plethora of poutine, and beverages. And in case you thought all the snow and poutine was not Canadian enough Tim Hortons provided free hot chocolate for the many who braved the cold. The entirety of the weekend was filled with activities both warm and cold including a Mario Kart tournament, a snow sculpture contest with a dragon theme, and a fully stocked ice bar.

Image may contain: night and outdoor

The dragon is now back at it’s temporary home in Toronto for the Festival of Light in The Distillery District.

The Mod Club Will Become A Winter Wonderland On January 26th And Here’s How You Can Get In On it

If you find yourself reading all of my posts (which it would be nice if you would) you’ll recall how excited I was to announce ‘Whiteout’ as a kick off to 2018. The event, which takes place January 26th at The Mod Club is a big night for the Toronto art car scene and is set to feature a whole bunch of dope DJs and cool sh*t.

Image may contain: text
It’s been insanely cold outside but honestly the best way to warm up in my opinion is to dance, and this is a great place to do that. Heavy Meta and Kathedral dropped the line up on Friday and it’s bananas:


Called “the ones to watch out for” by Hernan Cattaneo himself, the DJ/live production duo created by Mazi and Kian have been rocking dancefloors at international festivals like SXM, and local favourites like CODA and Electric Island. Nature of Music stylistically are unlike any other and after a few plays become instantly recognizable. Their work is aimed to make people move a way that keeps them lost in the present moment. It is a peaceful state of being that is promoted through beautiful melancholic shades of electronic music.


BEN CORMIER (Dirty Decibels)


MATT VON WILDE (Secret Society)


STEINTOLOGY (The Kathedral)





Featuring: The world premiere of the CRYSTAL CAVERN stage – a fully-immersive, site-specific art installation that will take you on a visual journey through the land of ice and snow, to the underground and the world beyond, with projection mapping by Vj Guy.

If you’re wondering wtf to wear the event page post some costume suggestions: Winter goddess, sexy yeti, ice giant, arctic fox, snow bunny.  Image result for ariana grande in winter outfit

At the newly-renovated Mod Club radically transformed into a Winter wonderland.

Event features:
– Interactive Art by The 4tress fabrication team ♢
-Light installations by Lumatronic
-Heavy Meta and Kathedral merch booth
-Costume Contest
-Chillout Plounge
-Three Full Bars (New for 2018).

And me, I will be there.

Cop your tickets here (and use discount code NIKKI because I love you thats why.): https://whiteout2018.eventbrite.com/

$10 – Extremely Limited Early Bird (Sold out)
$15 – Very Limited Tier 2 (less than 30 left)
$20 – Tier 3 Tickets
More at the door.
$100 – Patron of the arts (admission + backstage VIP + shirt)

* Please purchase at the highest tier you can afford to keep the event affordable for all *

Kreayshawn Raps About D*cks And I’m Here For It

Gucci Gucci herself aka KJ DREAYSHAWN aka Kreayshawn dropped a new track just in time for a last minute installment of D*ck or No D*ck at Bovine in Toronto on December 6th. But seriously, how can I get together with Kreayshawn for a track, we could call it 22 D*cks?